This week’s theme seems to be baby everywhere and this one is NO exception!  I wanted to post this last week, but I couldn’t seem to get it written, so I’ll just have to share this week!

A few weeks ago, I had the honor of shooting a 6 day old’s newborn portraits!  I was excited beyond words!

DSC_3901 WEB

It was also my very first time to use the Studio and I was scared to death and so nervous to mess the lighting up……not to mention looking stupid in front of a fantastic photographer and OWNER of the Studio!

So I set up my little stations to get my photos done quickly in my alloted time, and we flowed from station to station rather well with little stops for a quick feed.

DSC_3939 WEB

The photos were going so well!  I had done all of the poses that mom wanted and sweet baby boy was so patient and slept through all my manipulations of him!

DSC_3947 WEB

Little back story, I had bought this adorable little vintage-looking suitcase just PERFECT for a new baby boy, but all of my friends seem to be having GIRLS, so I hadn’t been able to use it all…….til NOW!

So I set up my little station with the little suitcase as my last shots for the hour and laid the sleeping bundle of joy into the suitcase:

And that’s when it happened…….

DSC_3971 WEB

Sweet baby boy was no longer happy!  Oh yes…….and we soon discovered WHY he was so unhappy.

DSC_3964 WEB

Apparently sweet baby boy needed to potty…….and since all of his photos were done in the b u f f…..he just went wherever he could.  Shot all out of the suitcase onto the floor!   And when baby boys G O….they also P E E.   So he was shooting in both directions all at once.

We all stood there just stunned looking at this mess and then at each other puzzled as to how to carry on from here.  Then we laughed hysterically!  We just cleaned him and the floor up as best as we could and carried on!  LOL

The edited version of the above photo:

DSC_3964 WEB edited

You just go with it and you laugh!

Be kind and always look for the humor in everything!