This week’s photo is simply TOO CUTE! I love everything about it! Babies, once they become mobile, are not so easy to photograph!
Here is the original photo:

This will be fun…..

So for my basic edits, I opened it in my CS4 and just hit “auto color” “auto contrast” and “auto tone”. I know, shocking right? I know what you’re thinking….but really, sometimes it really works, and when you’re in a hurry, just give it a try! If it doesn’t work, then you just step backward til you are back, or start on a new layer and delete whatever didn’t work. No harm done! Not everything has to be so complicated.

😉 I know, you love me now.
For my next edit, I cleared any red splotches on the face (babies skin is so fickle!) and smoothed it out a VERY little bit! I started with a brush opacity of 57%, and then reduced that down to only 60% after I was finished smoothing. In fact, now I wish I had reduced it a tad more. We don’t want mannequin babies! (they are frankly scary)
Then I used a Kaleidoscope texture from the Gallery collection (I think) called Dirty watercolor 2, and reduced it down to 49% and erased back in the baby.

(Are you sick of me yet? Oh come on….it’s FUN!)
I used an action from Route 66 Photo flavors called Major sweet tooth and reduced it down to 75%. Can I say, I think this one was my FAVORITE!! I thought the Dirty watercolor2 texture did the photo amazingly well, and then I ran major sweet tooth and fell in LOVE! So, I just decided to play again! I used a Simplicity veil called Remember me, and reduced it down and erased back in the body parts.
Then on a whim, I decided to do a vertical crop in of the face just for contrast sake.
Then I popped the eyes SLIGHTLY and reduced down to 37%. The eyes were amazing, but they seemed a little dark in this edit. Then I burned the edges and reduced that 55% as well.

Then for my final edit (I know, I know……I went a little overboard. Sorry!) I used a Florabella action called Sandlewood and then reduced it down to 60%. Because this also made the eyes dark, I popped the eyes just a touch and reduced it down to 50%. And then, again, for something different, I did a horizontal crop close in on that beautiful face! WOW, look how much her eyes sparkle! I love it!

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