This is it! 

I’m headed out!

God is using a MOST ordinary person to accomplish His amazing work!

I am leaving today on a short term Mission to southern Mexico!  Our team will be assisting a wonderful Missionary family in Colima.

Please pray for:

               -no delay in flights


               -energy and strength (OK, this one is just for me….I just need an extra helping.  LOL)

               -BOLDNESS (This is WAY out of my comfort zone!  LOL)

               -wisdom and direction from God alone.  I want Him remembered over any one person!

I’m excited beyond words as I sit here at the desk before 7 am!  I am humbled that God would allow me to go and I pray His hand over every aspect of this Mission! 

I’ve scheduled blogs to post while I’ll be away, so you won’t miss me too much.  😉

I’ll be home late on July 6th!


Be kind…….and allow God to move you OUT of  your comfort zone for HIS glory!


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