I’m home!  And I made sure to journal as much of the trip as I could, so I’m blogging my journal entries.

Monday, June 28th

We had to be at the airport this morning at 11, but the day started at 6:30 am trying to make arrangements for a camera I was supposed to take to a young lady in Mexico.  It was a hassle working with UPS, but Best Buy worked everything out for us! 

It was hard leaving Mike and my kids at security.  :(  But it was exciting all at the same time!  I was anxious because of the plane rides, I haven’t flown in over 12 years!  Airplanes and my stomach are not close friends.  But I do not want the WHINER label, so I did my lamaze breathing during the take offs and landings.  😉

We had a storm roll in while we were laid over in Dallas.  “The girls” (Ellie, April and I) went for an exciting ride on the rails (the sky train  LOL) while we were waiting.  I’ve never done that before!  We kept saying we have plenty of time to get all the way around the airport in 30 minutes before our plane took off, but then we discovered the trains do NOT run while there is lightning!  How do you say “PANIC” in Spanish??  We were stuck halfway across the airport and all we could do was RUN!  We flew through the airport at break-neck speed…..only to discover our flight had been delayed!  All that running……but we did have a nice laugh over it together!  LOL  And it was so nice to take off the “WIFE and MOTHER” hat and just play and have fun with the girls.  Even if we did make fools of ourselves.  😉

Because of our delayed flight in Dallas, it put us late getting into Guadalajara and driving from there to Colima in the dark with a van that didn’t run well!  We didn’t get into Colima until 1 in the morning!  It was definitely an adventure, but we laughed through it and made the best of our traveling.  I just hated arriving in Mexico and I couldn’t see any of it!

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