Tuesday, June 29, 2010 Colima, Mexico Mission trip

Today was interesting!  My first look at Mexico in the light!  It looks like just what I imagined, although everything is green. 

I didn’t get much sleep last night considering we didn’t get in til 1 in the morning.  But somehow, lack of sleep is not killing my enthusiasm to be here!

However, my excitement for the Mission trip quickly died when someone tried to play “KILL THE MISSIONARIES”!  In theory, beginning a mission trip with a trek up a mountain….(NOT a hill, a real MOUNTAIN) to begin in prayer and a devotion with God, is wonderful!  It’s inspiring, it’s magical, and in theory, it’s a great idea!


However, in reality, it’s sending a fat chick quickly to her death!  I had reached the 7th circle of hell and I had paid to get there!  I’m not sure who in Life I made angry, but I was paying for it with a slow journey to hell!  It was HIGH, and it was STEEP, and around every corner was yet another high, steep CORNER! 

DSC_2755 copy

It was miles of steep rocks in 300 degree heat, carrying 500 pounds of SWEAT dripping off my body.

It was awful.  And to top it off, I didn’t even MAKE it to the top!  I got 3/4 of the way to the top and gave up.  I can’t take another corner of MORE steep climb!  My legs hurt so bad, my feet are screaming at me, and I’m soaked in sweat!  Not to mention our trusty group left us in their dust to be picked off by the vultures circling our heads!  We are 2 gringos in the middle of NOWHERE, in Mexico, ALONE, and neither one of us can speak Spanish!  THANKS GROUP!  Glad we didn’t die on you! 

I’d love to say how inspiring it was and how much I enjoyed it…..but I’d be totally lying.  It sucked.  Every bit of it.  There is not one redeeming thing about Mount Doom.  Not one. 

And then I realized, after a very unsuccessful trip to WalMart and Subway, I HATE not being able to speak the language!  I couldn’t pay without help, I couldn’t order without help, and I ended up paying $40 for a BASIC fan!  UGH!  (But in the end I blessed the church there who was in desperate need of another fan, so I can’t complain too much.  ;)  )  I’m used to being able to TALK to people, and here I am totally unable to communicate the most basic of things!  I felt totally and completely alone.  It was then that I realized that I had to rely completely on God.  I’m used to being able to charm people, and I couldn’t.  Not even a little tiny bit!  It was standing in Subway trying to order a simple drink, that I realized that I could do nothing on this trip!  I couldn’t even speak.  It was all going to have to be God or I wasn’t going to make it. 

It’s a humbling experience, but a necessary one.  I couldn’t have gone in with any expectations that I could do anything without God.  Not that I was, but it was that reminder that I can do NOTHING without Christ!   I laid on the bed after we got back from WalMart, and I told April the trip sucked!  If this is what Mission trips are, I’m in big trouble!  I’m in so much pain, I’m exhausted, and I hadn’t even witnessed to anyone yet! 

So, laying in the quiet and the cool of the hotel room…..I gave the entire experience, the entire trip, and anything of me completely to Him.  I can’t, but He can.  And He’s much better at it anyway.  ;) 

We went to the Centro after our Mount Doom and WalMart adventure, and I went into it with fresh eyes and a fresh confidence in Christ!  And WOW, did God rock it for me!   He gave me the words to say, the questions to ask, and the people to speak to and photograph!  It was an awesome afternoon!  And I paid a few pesos to a couple of beggars for their photograph.  That was amazing!  It’s funny how a little conversation, and a little bit of time can brighten someone’s day!

DSC_2762 DSC_2768 DSC_2775  DSC_2760

God gave me purpose today.  He gave me the photos to take, the faces to photograph, and the people to speak to!  I am amazed at His grace He has for me.  Even when I am so out of my element I just want to sit and cry, He gives me the grace to continue going!

God is so good to me, even when I can’t speak the language!