Thursday, July 1st:

Today, we did more canvassing of a neighborhood.  I was in a new group today and discovered that evangelism may not be my calling afterall.  I thought I had done alright until I was with this group.  I was WAY out of my league today!   I felt pretty deflated, and decided to hide behind my camera instead.   I’m not proud of that fact, but I’m honest.  I am not nearly as engaging as this group was, and even though I had previously been in 2 other groups, apparently I didn’t do something right, so I hid.   I still prayed, but I didn’t volunteer to go to doors unless they told me to. 

Yes, I’m a chicken.

But, I’ll tell you, I can definitely prayer walk!  And take photos at the same time.  I’m a multi-tasker!

DSC_3068 DSC_3073 DSC_3091   During our canvassing, we discovered that we were confused on which streets we were supposed to do, so our little group leader decided to split us up.  He sent me 3 blocks (remember I don’t speak Spanish) with one of our other team members (who also doesn’t speak Spanish, and neither of us know the area), and he and his fiancé’ went the opposite direction (let me just point out that they both speak Spanish, one adequately, and the other, FLUENTLY).  I realized after I went my 3 blocks and saw NO ONE from our Team, only a few sketchy men watching me……yet again, here I am in Mexico, alone, and I know NO SPANISH.  How does this keep happening to me? 

LEARN SPANISH.   Top of my to-do list.

By the time I saw a different group from our Team, I was stickin’ with them!  Please don’t leave me.  Pardon me if I attach myself permanently to your hip.   I love you. (Adam is such a GREAT guy….I just have to throw that out there.)

And, coincidently, during this time I was feeling totally inadequate in my sharing, God sent a Mexican lady RIGHT TO ME!  She crossed the street from where I was praying and came right up to me!  I said “Hola!  Buenos Dias” and she immediately started in on a conversation with me.


I had to call my translator over to help us, but ended up leaving the street and sitting in the park so I could pray with her.  I walked her through my track (with help from Ellie my translator), gave her a Bible, and we prayed together and talked for quite a little bit!  

Yet again, it was God showing me that He was still in control, even when I felt inadequate and borderline-useless, He showed me my purpose!  I am constantly amazed at His goodness to me.  I’m such a moron at times, and He pats me on the head and leads me where He wants me.  Or in this case, led His purpose TO ME!  I may have sucked at the “engaging at the door”, but God showed me I am useful to Him in other areas. 

Gosh, God is good to me!

Afterward, we went to the local Mall for “English lessons”.  We set up tables in the food court and had big signs advertising free English lessons with us.  They could come and practice their English as well, and in turn, we could sneak in the Gospel!  The first day, we didn’t have much success, so one of our Team members asked me if I’d be interested in prayer-walking the Mall with him.  We prayed, walking side-by-side down one side of the mall, and when we got to the other end, we prayed together.  The Mall was almost completely void of people, so I prayed for God to send the people in, however He would, if it meant extreme heat or a downpour of rain, I wanted that Mall full!  We finished our prayer and went down the escalator and continued prayer-walking on the first floor.  By the time we got to the opposite end and went back up the escalator to prayer-walk the other side of the 2nd floor, it was raining!  The more we walked and prayed, the harder it rained!  The harder it rained, the happier I got until I was laughing OUTLOUD in the middle of the Mall!  Pretty soon the Mall was FULL of people coming in to escape the rain!  And by the time we had finished our prayer walk, our table already had people at it!   Adam and I were so incredibly excited!  God had directly answered our prayer MINUTES after it was said!


But, God wasn’t done with me yet!  My new friend, Deleigha, the Missionary’s wife, asked me if I could help her.  She needed help with photos and editing.  Oh yes!!!  Something *I* could do!  Thank You, Lord!  Thank  You for giving me PURPOSE! 

I also need to say, I ♥ Deliegha!  I don’t know how she does everything she does AND raises 3 young children!  I am amazed at her and so blessed to have gotten to know her.  We had a LOT of fun together!  LOL  It’s like we’d been friends for years! 


(Edited to add:  they are going on furlough for a year and will be driving home from Mexico to Iowa, PLEASE, remember them in your prayers!  They are such an incredible family doing WONDERFUL work!  And I’m selfish and really, really like her.  LOL)

So today, was a great day.  It started out rocky, but I wear my emotions on my sleeve instead of keeping them covered by the blood of Jesus.  So even when I struggle in my humanness, God directs me and gives me purpose!  He shows me that I am useful to Him and His plans if I stay open and WILLING to serve! 

Have I said yet, I NEED TO LEARN SPANISH??  Or that I LOVE MEXICO? 

Another day in the bag and I lay in my bed exhausted, with a body aching in so much pain…..and a HUGE smile on my face!  God is so good!  I love this……