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Friday, July 2, 2010

Today I was invited to go with one of the families to a local orphanage!  I was so excited to do this, and at the same time, I was apprehensive.  I know how badly I want to adopt and going into a place like this may just throw me over the edge into pure insanity.  I’ve read blogs of people that go into orphanages and the kids ASK for you to take them home.   I’ve seen photos of horrible orphanages, poorly run, poorly implemented, and the kids are suffering.

This is what I expected, and part of me was terrified to go because my Momma’s heart would not allow me to NOT take a child home with me if they asked.   I was mentally going through the conversation with Mike in my head:

Me:  Honey…..ummm…..we need to talk.

Him:  What did you do this time?

Me:  Well…….I picked up another souvenir here, how much money can we pull together?  I’m a few THOUSAND short.  Can you hold down the fort a little while longer?  I promise it will be worth it……

However, the orphanage we went to was NOTHING like anything I had pictured in my head!  The children were HAPPY, the facilities were unbelievable, and the staff were totally involved in their care!

DSC_3293 DSC_3301 DSC_3304 DSC_3306 DSC_3307 DSC_3308 DSC_3309 DSC_3311 Yes, I understand it’s odd to post photos of their bathtub and po t ty, but I LOVED that the bathtub was designed to be adult ASSISTED!  No leaving children alone in the tub!  And the potty, what can I say about a miniature ur in al roughly an INCH off the floor!  It was so little!  Perfectly designed for small boys!  And their little toothbrushes were all lined up on the sink, and there, in the middle was a little SPIDER MAN toothbrush!  MELT MY HEART adorableness! 

It looked very similar to the Children’s Home here in Owasso that Mike and I were houseparents at!  And I will be totally honest and say, there were roughly 3 little boys that I could have scooped up and just taken with me!  They were so happy and incredibly FUN and I could have stayed and played all day!

DSC_3334 DSC_3338 DSC_3375 Oh why can’t I just be rich and adopt them all?  {sigh} 

But the one that touched my heart so much was a beautiful, shy, quiet girl.  She played with her friends, and she was incredibly curious about us, but she wouldn’t talk to us.  She would just sit and watch us.  She reminded me so much of Brooklyn!

DSC_3347 DSC_3348 DSC_3349 DSC_3354 Oh I wanted to just take her home with me!  I know Mike wouldn’t have cared……he would have loved it!  How I wanted to scoop her up and bring her home to snuggle and love on…. {sigh}

It was so nice to have gone there, leaving was not as hard as I thought it would be.  This orphanage is incredibly run!  It just strengthened in me how MUCH I want to do this again.  I want to have my OWN Children’s Home……anywhere that God wanted me to be. 

After we left the orphanage, I went home with one of the Youth from the Mexican church and I had my FIRST homemade Mexican meal!  It was some kind of soup she called “meat in its own water”.  LOL


Lord, have mercy on my soul…..  Good just doesn’t seem to describe it!  It was some kind of meat (I think beef) with beans, onion, cilantro, and avocado.  Be still my heart!  It was heavenly!  I loved it!  And I loved this family! 

After this week of run-everywhere, busy-busy-busy, walk-walk-walk…..it was so nice to sit in this beautiful, quiet home and just rest.  I needed that today.

On another, entirely different note, today was also the day I realized I will NEVER EVER again say the words:  They are in AMERICA, they need to speak ENGLISH.  Today, the tables were turned and I was told:  She is in MEXICO, she needs to speak SPANISH.  We laughed, but deep down, it hurt my heart.  I want to speak Spanish so badly just so I could tell this woman how much I appreciated her hospitality and how much I loved her country.  Her family was so kind to us and I wish I could have told her all of that. 

Do I have to go home?  God was so good to me in such a quiet way today.  I’m getting used to everything now and I have a bigger peace, like I can feel His hand on my head calming me. 

Do I really have to go home?

(EDITED TO ADD:  It was mentioned in my last post that I need to try Rosetta Stone for learning Spanish!  So, now, I am on the hunt for a *CLOSE TO FREE* Spanish version of Rosetta Stone!)