Saturday a.m. July 3, 2010

Today I noticed a marked relaxation with the Team.  We are getting into a good routine and overall, there hasn’t been any problems!  Think about it:  take 11 people, all very different in personalities, and put them working very closely together.  There is bound to be major issues!  And there hasn’t been.  We’ve all been hot, we’ve all been so tired, and shockingly, we are all getting along beautifully!  I feel like I’m really getting to know these people I’ve gone to church with for YEARS on an entirely different level! 

Honestly?  I was anxious over working with my Pastor because he is so devoted to missions, and I canNOT tell that man NO!  I have so much respect for him, I just cannot tell him no!  (I hope he’s not reading this….I doubt he does, so I won’t worry. ;)  )  And I had heard stories about Slave-Driver Gordon.  And I completely love his passion!  And he’s HILARIOUS!  Who knew?!  I could do Mission trips with him any time!  He’s been encouraging to me this week and I needed that.

DSC_3439 DSC_3426

And Jeff, our Youth Minister?  He’s a Missionary too, so one of my biggest fears was looking stupid.  I stick my foot in my mouth constantly, and this is my first Mission trip, and I didn’t want to wear the label of WHINER the whole time.  I just didn’t want to completely fail my first time.  And who knows, I may be, but I know I’ve honestly loved this and I definitely want to do it more!  And I’ll be the first to admit truthfully……Jeff isn’t mean at all.  ;)  I have a ton of respect for him!   But, I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to keep up with these incredible men, and on Mount Doom, NO WAY, they left me in their dust.  But, sharing Christ?  Passing out Bibles?  Doing what I’m told to do?  I think I’m doing alright.  And the rapport between Pastor and Youth Pastor is awesome!  I couldn’t imagine being shepherded under a greater pair of men! 

I’ve learned a lot about my fellow church family here, and I’ve learned a lot about myself.   God really does equip you for EVERY good work He calls you to do!

I did feel bad today, I skipped out on the neighborhood door-to-door to go with the Missionary’s wife to edit pictures.  It was work that needed to be done, so I *grudgingly went with her to a really great restaurant (think a Mexican version of IHOP without the blueberry syrup).  I really **tried not to enjoy myself…….honest! 

(*grudgingly=I was overjoyed!  I tried not to skip to her van when she came to pick me up or wave and blow kisses to my poor Team who was heading out in the horrible heat to knock on doors. 

**tried=I actually did try to conjure up feelings of guilt and remorse for leaving my Team and all that hard work!  But ultimately, all I could do was kiss the booth in the air-conditioned building and thank JESUS!)

I should feel rotten for that, I know.  I’m trying to…..really I am.  😉

But, it was honestly work that needed to be done, and I had the most fabulous lady there to keep me company!  Have you ever met someone that you feel so comfortable with, that it’s like you’ve been friends your whole life?  That’s Deliegha.  She’s hardworking, she’s dedicated, and she’s hilarious!  She has been my saving grace this week.  She even sat next to me at every restaurant helping me to order my food!  I ♥ Deliegha.  She’s an amazing Missionary who loves Christ with all of her heart!  And she sits next to the fat chick to help her get food!  That’s love. 

DSC_3404 I’d love to blame this little yummy piece of mastery on Deliegha’s ordering…….however, I’d be lying.  She ordered exactly what I pointed to.  ;)   How do you say “Chocolate Heaven in a cold glass” in Spanish?  Deliegha knows, and she ordered it perfectly.  :D  Thank You, Jesus, for yummy goodness and friends who can say it in Spanish…..

Ummmm…..yes, I really did work.  I promise. 

This morning has been great.  I enjoyed the company of a friend, in a cushioned booth, in an air-conditioned building……doing God’s work surrounded by Mexicans watching the World Cup and cheering in unison, while slowly sipping a chocolate malt smothered in whipped cream. 

I ♥ Mexico!