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This week’s photo is already so wonderful, it’s just a BONUS to be able to play with it!


Basic edits:

For the BASIC edits, I adjusted levels just a little bit (adjusted the sliders in mid-tones and shadows) and then used unsharp mask  to sharpen 80/2/0.   Then I cropped to a horizontal 5×7 size.  I then decided to clone out the post cutting right into the beautiful girl’s head.

Edit #2

For this edit, I used Florabella action “Vintage Spring” and then reduced that down 36%.  Then ran Florabella action “Primrose” and reduced that down 71%.  Then because I thought the yellow was a little overwhelming, I went into my hue and saturation and reduced just the yellow 20%.  Then, just for fun, I ran the Florabella action “Sunflare left” from her Vintage Spring collection and reduced that down to 63%.

Then just for something different, I did a square crop, and added white edges.

Edit #3

For this edit, I just wanted something dreamy, something just a little different.  I ran Pioneer Woman’s action “Colorized”.  Then to add that dreamy effect, I ran Daniella’s action “So softly” which added such a nice, dreamy effect to it.  Then I erased back in the beautiful little girls.  Then I wanted a soft, lighter edge to the photo, so I used the rectangular marquee tool to select a section just inside the edges.  Then I went up into “Select” then chose “inverse”, finally I chose “Select<Modify<Feather”  and chose 100 pixels.  Then I went into levels and upped the highlights until I was happy with the effect.  Then I went into filters and added a Gaussian blur at 2.5%.   Then did another crop.

Edit #4

I love a great black and white!  I used Florabella’s action “B/W rain” from her Vintage Spring II collection and then reduced it down to 52%.  I cloned out the wood post over her head, and then sharpened using unsharp mask to 80/2/0.

Edit #5

I’m really getting into the digital scrapbooking, so I used my 3rd edit and added it to a digital scrapbook page!  Just for fun!

Thanks, I Heart Faces, for letting me be a contributor!  I love this site!

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