I may actually be ready to move Brooklyn to her own room!  No, I realize it’s BEYOND time for me to do this.  But she’s my last.  She’s my baby.

OK, yes, I realize she is 4.

But in doing this, I’m having to find her a twin bed (she has a toddler bed right now), and I’m having to find all the little girlie things I’ve dreamed about for so long!  I’m looking at amazing bedding with matching quilts, and then…..I found this bedroom vanity!

My girlie heart simply MELTED!

OK, Brooklyn needs this:

My Sweet Vanity

(and I may sneak one of THESE in for me!  LOL)


But in looking at the CSN stores, I’ve also found the bedding I want for her too, AND it’s on SALE!  Oh BE STILL MY HEART!

So, at least if I have to come to the realization that my baby isn’t such a “BABY” anymore, I can try to give her a beautiful room!

Be kind, and embrace what makes you………. YOU!