Sunday, July 4th, 2010

Can I just say….THE MUSIC NEVER STOPS!  It’s like a Mexican Circus for days! 

There was some kind of a celebration for a teenager’s birthday and the party lasted from what seemed like Friday, all day Saturday…..and ALL night!  Like:  ALL.NIGHT.LONG.  Music.  Music music music!  Mexicans definitely know how to throw a party!  At least they are supportive of one another!  That is one thing that I find so fascinating…..AND refreshing! 

Here in America, we walk past people and avoid them.  We don’t make eye contact.  We do not talk to strangers.  We just get passed them as quickly as we can. 

However, in MEXICO, they greet everyone!  You walk down any street and you are greeted with Hola!  Buenos Dias!  Even if they do not know you!  They look you in the eye.  And, if you greet them in return, you can have an entire conversation with a perfect stranger standing in the middle of the street!  (Not that I did that AT.ALL.  OK……maybe a couple of times.  ALRIGHT…3 or 4 times, but I always had a translator with me.)  ;)  

The service today was strange for me because it was in another language.  I know….DUH!….right?  LOL  I’m here to speak the obvious for you.  I’m sure it was a wonderful service.  But, as the room filled with people, I went and sat out on the front steps with Jeff and Michael.  Their church is little bitty, and since I didn’t speak the language, as they needed more room, I was more than happy to give up my chair. 

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After church, I had the opportunity to take church family pictures for the Missionary’s wife to make a church directory!  Yet another way God helped me to feel useful and needed.  It’s easy on trips like this to feel tired, old, fat, out of shape, and completely out of my league!  But, God gave me several occasions to feel needed!  He had things on this trip that only *I* could do!  I’m a complete nerd, total football/swimming Mom, afraid of everything….and yet, here I am in Mexico and He sent me there with a purpose!  It’s just nice to know that God can (and DOES) use us normal people for extraordinary things!

I just love how God continues to show me over and over again little glimpses of His plans for me!  And after I had just remarked to my friend that very weekend how I was so anxious to know where God is going to use me!  Funny, huh?  Even us ordinary folks…….He still has plans for us!

More on our lunch later….