I am a Square.

I am a Square trying to fit in a Round hole.

Why would I continue to try to fit in this Round hole? 

I am a Square who does NOT fit into those Round holes.

I could try to fit my Squareness into that Round hole, but it would damage my Squareness.  It would shave my corners off, then I’d be a damaged Square…..a fake Circle.  But I would fit into that Round hole.  I would be a fake Circle, hanging out with Circles that fit into that Round hole. 

I would still not be a Circle.

And I would have changed the essence of ME in the process.

How important is it for me to damage my Squareness just to fit in with the Circles that fit into that Round hole?  Are the Circles all that great that I would want to risk it?   And just because I made it into that Round hole does not mean they will accept me into their Circle anyway.

Maybe I’ll embrace my Squareness.

And hang out with the other Squares.

Thank you for visiting the inside of my brain today.  It’s dark in here, but it sure is sparkly! 😀

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