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This little guy is just darn near perfect!  This was just a BLAST to work on!

Here is the original:

Now, right off, I can see a little color cast:  the photo is a little on the blue side.  If you zoom in on the whites of the eyes and take a color sample, you will see that the whites have a definite blue cast to them.  So, for my basic edits, I opened my color balance and bumped the reds and yellows up a bit to help balance the photo and warm up his skin tone.  Then I opened my levels and bumped the mid-tones and shadows to give the photo some POP.  Then I ran an USM set at 80/1.5/0, then cropped to a horizontal 5×7.  Then I burned the edges slightly.  (PLEASE notice, I did not touch his eyes.)


For my second edit, I ran Pioneer Woman’s Colorized action, and then reduced the opacity down to 40%  so I would not lose all of the color in the photo.   Then I added a scratched texture I found free on Flickr and added that, reducing the opacity to 43% and erasing back in the details of the little boy.   Then I added a new layer and added the cute quote!  (Please notice, I did NOT touch the eyes again.)

EDIT #2:

Then, of course, I had to have a black and white.  I used Whole lotta soul for my black and white, and, yet again, I cropped even CLOSER.  I wanted his face to fill as much of the frame as I could.  He’s just yummy isn’t he?

EDIT #3:

Then, because it IS Friday the 13th…..I decided to really have a little fun with it.   (Please know this is done entirely TONGUE IN CHEEK.)

Nice huh?  I know, you are insanely jealous of my MAD photoshop skills!    So let’s break this lovely piece of art down to all the elements.   I first did a tilt.  Every good photo has to have the FASHION TILT right?  Makes you feel like you’ve been riding a carousel for hours huh?  Just a little off kilter.  (No, I haven’t been drinking, it’s the “IN” thing!  I think it’s supposed to make the viewer feel like they’ve been drinking.)

Then, I did a BOOST action on it, and then because it just wasn’t enough BOOST, I ran it again!  FUN!  BUTTONS!

Then, I needed to correct the color balance, so I played with the sliders.  I wasn’t really sure what was off, so I just played with them all.  (Is that blue in his hair?)

The EYES!  MUST.PLAY.WITH.THE.EYES!  I lightened them, then sharpened them.  Now, they are just OTHER WORLDLY!  (I’m guessing Mars or Venus, personally.)

The other popular thing to play with is SOFT SKIN!  So, I opened my skin softener and lathered that boy UP!   Everyone wants skin that resembles the porcelain doll sitting on my daughter’s shelf!   Let’s go ALL out!

Hue and saturation….where is that button?  Isn’t that how all the great photographers get their amazing photos?  (Proper exposure?  What’s that?)  Let’s just bump the saturation up a few dozen notches…..(it’s easier than learning exposure.)  😉

OK……the photo just isn’t as sharp as I think it should be, so let’s bump that bad boy up a little too.

THERE WE GO!  That’s perfect!  I’ve sufficiently played with all the toys I think.

Happy Friday the 13th!  😀

Dana Suggs

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