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This week’s photo is probably my FAVORITE so far!  The photo isn’t particularly glorious, but the little girl certainly is!   I just want to pick her up and SQUEEZE her!

Here is the ORIGINAL photo:

Oh….wait!  That would be MY daughter!  And MY not particularly glorious photo!  😀  Look at that!  😉

(Yes, I need to get a life….I’ll work on that next.)

So here are the problem areas I see right off the bat:  color first of all.  It appears pretty cool.  And those flip flops!  Good gravy, I told her not to wear those….they didn’t match the mood that I was going for AT.ALL!  Oh well, photoshop can only do so much.

I opened up my photoshop CS4 and first adjusted the color with my color balance sliders.  I don’t have any exact numbers of anything because truth be told, I don’t pay much attention to the numbers, I watch the colors as I’m sliding.   Then I used both levels and curves to give it a nice little pop!   Then I sharpened at 80/1.3/0 and cropped to a horizontal 5×7.

EDIT #1:

Pretty simple adjustments anyone can do with basic editing software.

But, come on…..it’s me:  Queen of too many edits……so I had to do more!  😀


For this edit, I used Florabella’s Vintage Spring set I “Vintage Spring” and then because I thought she was a little too muted, I bumped the shadows in levels to bring her out a little bit more.  Then I used “Sunflare (left)” from the same Florabella Vintage Spring set, just for a little more drama.  Deepened the shadows a touch in levels again so she wasn’t so muted again.  Then I popped her eyes SLIGHTLY.  Ever so slightly.  (Keyword:  SLIGHTLY)  Finally, I cropped to a horizontal 8×10 because I’m thinking I like it so much, I may print it and mat it and frame it.  😉  Cuz I lubs her so much!  😀

EDIT #3:

I knew for one of them I wanted to try putting fairy wings on her……although, I’ve never done it before!  Hehehehe….I know, adventurous of me huh?  So I did some looking for butterfly wings (that were free) and started experimenting.  First, I prepared my image by adding a Gaussian blur to the background and erasing back in Brooklyn (that’s her name, by the way….the beautiful Brooklyn.  My only girl.  Not that I’m super proud or anything).  Then I made a new layer and added the wings, a layer at a time and erased Brooklyn back in, so the wings were behind her and not on top of her.  Oh, little note:  this was NOT the original color of the wings!  I used my hue/saturation slider to change the color.  ‘Cuz I’m cool like that.  Once I had the wings on her the way I thought they looked alright, I added the little twinkly lights (brush set).  Then I did a selection of the background and lightened it and did another Gaussian blur around the edges to give it that ethereal look.  Then I just added the scrapbook stuff and the quote!  Easy as pie, huh?  Not bad for my FIRST attempt at adding wings to anything!  😀

Here is the photo a little closer:

Just don’t look “too” closely….. 😉  This is new to me and I’m still learning!

Now, if only I had thought of removing those darn flip flops……


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