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I love this week’s theme!  (Yes, I think I say that all the time….but this week I REALLY mean it!)

I love the story behind the photos.  I love TELLING a story with my photos!  And I believe that God has given me a calling and a purpose to use my camera to share His story.  I do this through what I have named Mission photography.  (And because I have no idea what else to call it.  😉  )

We have missionaries all over the planet working, and struggling, and dedicated to sharing Christ’s Good news with others.  We have mission teams going out on short term mission trips evangelizing, building houses, sharing their time and knowledge in any capacity that God has given them to help other people.

And we live our lives with our jobs, and our fashion magazines, and our TVs and expensive electronic toys and we are oblivious to what the world is really like.  We wake our kids in the morning and dress them in expensive Gymboree clothes, and drive them to school with their little Hello Kitty lunchbox……and somewhere in the world real children are starving, homeless, or working full time jobs.

And Missionaries and Missionary teams are giving them hope.

We need to see this.  I need to see this.  And I need to share it.

This was my first Mission trip to document, or share through photojournalism.  I loved the faces of Mexico.  I loved seeing my team working together and sharing Christ….sharing the Hope that we have.


I could have shared Youth camp that I do every year, but this……well, this was really close to my heart.  Next year, I’m hoping to raise $2500 to go to Brazil.  There’s a Missionary that needs some incredible photos of the amazing work that he does there!  And I’d really love to go!   Keep your fingers crossed and say a little prayer for me that the funds will be raised!

Top LEFT:  little old lady I gave a Bible to

Top RIGHT:  one of our groups sharing Christ with a man on the street, we also had the opportunity to pray with him for his son.

Bottom LEFT:  one of the little girls in the orphanage in Mexico.  I want to bring her home.  Shhhh…I know I’m crazy.

Bottom RIGHT:  homeless man I gave food, money, Bible, and a little bit of my time to.  He gave me a smile and a story I will never forget.