I had this beautiful, miraculous post I have been wanting to write for a week now, and then….well…..life happened all over again.

So I’ll save that beautiful, miraculous post for another time.

Right now, I’m honoring my amazing Grandad:  Joel Shattles.

He is facing the very end of life as he knows it on this earth.  He fell last week and crushed the bones in his neck, resulting in a spinal cord injury that is not repairable.

This amazing man……World War II Veteran:

Purple heart….helped to free prisoners from the concentration camps…served under General Patton…


Wonderful Dad, Grandad, and Great One (our 4 Generation picture before my Grandmother passed):


Terrific sense of humor:

Grandaddy (A dance to “I’m a little teapot” LOL)

with his wonderful smile and love for everyone, he will be so greatly missed.  It was hard living so far away from them growing up, but he made his presence known.

He was the reader of everything!  He loved books and instilled that love of reading in my own boys.  Hand picking Hardy Boys and old classics and personally inscribing each one with a message and his notable signature.

He is priceless.  He had a story to tell, and he told it.   He is a legend among men.

My prayer now, is that my most merciful Savior will come and rescue my Grandad from the shell he has grown tired in, and take him Home.  I pray that my Grandad will share his faith with everyone that is there with him now, so when it’s their time, they will see my Grandad again….on the other side.  I pray for peace and comfort to this wonderful man that I will miss so much.

He has left extraordinary shoes to fill.

I love you so much, Grandad!  You are one of the best!