Well, guys…….I’ve done it again!

Just when you think I couldn’t possibly beat the “near-arresting”  for shooting photos on the train tracks…..

……here I went and topped MY*SELF!  😀

Oh yes.  I did.  My Mom is so proud.  {cough cough}

I had a photoshoot with a new client, I’ve never met these people ever.  It was a referral from another new client that found my website and liked my work!  YAY!  But….these people were STILL strangers to me!

We are shooting amazing photos…..

DSC_7551 WEB DSC_7571 WEB DSC_7662 WEB DSC_7712 web DSC_7721 WEB

I’m NOT one of those quiet photographers…..I talk almost constantly with my clients.  It’s distracting from what we are doing and puts them at ease……and we do a lot of laughing.  Mostly at me.  😉

So I’m shooting, and talking, and laughing, and honestly, we are NOT quiet.  We are the OPPOSITE of quiet.

And then……we walk around the corner of the building…..literally within 7-8 feet of a homeless man peeing on a bush.  Not IN the bush because that might imply that he was hidden.

Oh…..he was FAR from hidden.  {GAG}

The dad sees him first and immediately starts laughing.  Then the mom sees him and her face goes white, then red, then SHE starts laughing.  I…..well…..*I* was clueless to what was going on and continue talking on the subject we were discussing (something about college).  And I promise I wasn’t talking alone.  😉  LOL

When they start laughing, I turn around mid-sentence to see what they were laughing at.


O. M. GOSH.  COMPLETE mortification.

And I continue on with the conversation in the HOPES of not making this Pee-Man feel uncomfortable that we ALLLLLLLLLL see what he is doing!

DSC_7550DSC_7550 copy

And then, after we had gotten a little distance from him, I realized……..We had been talking.  And laughing.  A LOT!  He HEARD us!   He KNEW we were there!  {GASP}

So…….I turned around and shot a picture!  hahahahahahahaha

Oh I KNOW!  How awful!

WHATEVER! Come on…..really?  Aren’t you so glad?

You’re welcome.  I won’t tell anyone our secret that we REALLY did want to see a picture of that.  😀

Thank you, Rachel, for letting me come on and share my FUNNY with the world!