For this week’s challenge you can whip out a tailgating photo, a photo of dad at the grill, an image you took at a chili cook-off or you can enter a photo of your favorite beef recipe. It’s all about food and we want to see how creative you can get with beef.

I totally struggled with this weeks entry!  I want (desperately) to win this week for the $250 prize of…….BEEF for Nolan Ryan’s beef from TxBeef.org!  (Truth be told, that would go a LONG way in helping our grocery bill.  Please excuse my whimpering desperation.)  😉

I took this photo in Mexico of the BEEF tacos!  This place was by far my most favorite place to eat in Mexico!  They were divine!  (Please excuse the possible drool on the food…..I am  “well nourished” and starving at the taking of this photo.  And I happen to LOVE beef!)

DSC_3491 WEB

(If the photo is not crystal clear, please click on the image to open it.)

Thank you, TxBeef.org and iHeartfaces!

Now, I’m off to say a little prayer that I win this week……Lord knows this prize would be a HUGE help around this house!  :D