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I’ve done it again.

I’m looking at CSN. com again.  LOL  My boys are getting older, and one of their habits is to sit at the bar while I cook.  It’s easy to talk when I’m cooking, I’m not sure why.  Chandler will sit there and help me, but Austin just leans on the counter and watches me.  It puts them at ease I think because I’m busy doing something.  So, I’m looking at bar furniture for the little bar we have.  OK, it’s totally a counter, but it needs some bar stools!  I’m tired of them sitting ON the counter!  LOL  I think I like this one:

It will fit under the counter well, and it swivels!  LOL  The boys will LOVE that!

I’m more conscious of what makes the boys talk more the older they get.  They are growing so fast, and I know I only have a little bit of time left with them.  I mean, look at how GROWN up Austin is all of a sudden:

He talks while I am teaching him to drive.  Chandler talks all the time anyway, but cooking is a good way to get him talking.

{Sigh} Who said our kids could grow up so fast?

Anyway, I better get the bar furniture picked out before I get all weepy over time flying!  LOL