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Earlier this year, I reviewed a book by Anthony DeStefano.  He emailed me again and asked if I’d like to review his newest one coming out this Christmas season, and of course I was delighted!

The book is called Little Star and it is seriously a delight!

Mark Elliot did a spectacular job illustrating this wonderful book!  He proves again to be a wonderful artist who can bring the story to life in vibrant detail!

Brooklyn’s favorite pages were ANY with baby Jesus on it!  😀  LOL  She does love “her” baby Jesus!

But, to get down to the meat of the story, it literally brought me to tears.  Anyone who is a faithful reader of my blog, knows I have a heart for people and kindness and showing Christ’s love.  Remember, it was my children who gave up their Christmas last year to help the homeless….and God blessed us over and above anything we could ever dream of!  I am a firm believer of helping others and showing love to everyone, regardless of beliefs, race, sexual orientation, or status in life.  (And the older I get, the more I see that this is NOT the norm, even in Christians!)

This book brings this message, THE Message, to life in the form of Little Star by his selfless act of shining all of his love onto Baby Jesus to keep Him warm knowing it would burn himself out.

My favorite passage of the book comes when the other stars look down on the King with disdain and disbelief that this tiny baby could ever be a king!  “He can’t be a king, kings aren’t born poor” and it goes on to say:

“Little Star knew that Jesus could have chosen to be born in a palace, surrounded by riches, but instead, He had humbled Himself to be born in a stable.  He didn’t want to be rich and important.  He wanted to be like the poorest of the poor.  Jesus wanted to be born little to show all the people of the world that He loved them, no matter how small or poor they were.”

Melt my heart.  Simply, melt my heart.  Makes me fall in love with Jesus more and more!

It’s that love for my Savior that drives me to do for others; to think of others above myself.  I will never be rich and famous, but I can be kind.  I may not have much of monetary value, but what I have I can give away to help someone else or help to brighten someone else’s day.  It’s why we give to the homeless, why I shoot free photo sessions for terminally ill children and premature infants in the NICU or families that cannot afford me, and ultimately why we will be fostering infants and children.

In a world of “ME FIRST” and “I deserve it” and “It’s all about ME!”….this book brings the message back to giving to others even when it costs.  Christ did it for us by His death on the cross for our sins, and we can continue to show that love to Him by doing for others.

I am seriously all weepy for this book!  I believe every household should have it for their children!  It will become a staple in our reading every Christmas.

Anthony DeStefano is the author of the adult best-sellers A Travel Guide to Heaven, and Ten Prayers God Always Says Yes To. This Little Prayer of Mine, a children’s book, was published earlier this year and I was honored to review it then.

Mr. DeStefano, I am honored to review any books for you!  I am honored just to READ any of your books!  (But you forgot to  AUTOGRAPH this one!  I am sad in my insides now 😉  LOL)

(and TRUST ME when I say….if the book had stunk, I would have said so.  😉  I’m not a good poker player.  LOL)

Find this book:  Little Star, I promise you will NOT be disappointed!