This weeks photo is from Michelle Johnson!  Thanks Michelle!

I just feel like the photo is ALMOST there!  The lighting has the potential to be really great on her face, now, if she’d just LOOK UP for…just…..ONE…..second….!   LOL  Well, kids don’t always do what we want them to.  😉

Here is the Original photo:

And here are my edits:

Edit #1:

Because I am in a little hurry, I relied on my actions today.  This is where actions can really help us in our day-to-day life:  I know how to edit the photo WITHOUT actions, but on days like today when I am rushed, I can pull open my bag of tricks and get it done quickly.  I don’t have to rely on them all the time, just when I need them.  My goal is to be a good PHOTOGRAPHER, not a good PHOTOSHOPPER.  (And my spell check says that’s not a word.  Hmpff.  I’m using it anyway.)  But do you see my point?

Today, I used Florabella’s “Musette” action from her Luxe collection.  I used it at full capacity, and then ran a High Pass filter on soft light to sharpen it.  I followed it with a horizontal 5×7 crop just because I wanted to see it close up.  Then I added Artiste texture from Florabella’s texture II set!

Edit #2:

For the second edit, I used Essential Kits, “Desaturated metallic feel” from Marta loves color action set. (This is one of my FAVORITES!)  This lightened what I wanted lightened, and darkened what I wanted darkened!  I love this action!  Then I did a high pass filter to sharpen, cloned out the stray piece of hair going across her face, and adjusted levels a little.   Finally, I added a rough texture I found on flickr (a free one) and erased in what I wanted to show!  I did a vertical 5×7 crop to finish!

Edit #3

I knew I wanted a black and white edit, so I used Florabella’s “B/W Rain” action from her Spring II collection and reduced the opacity to 65%.  Then I adjusted the levels and curves until I was happy with it.  Finished it off with a square crop just for variety!

And just for fun, I thought I’d add a scrapbook page for my Final Edit:

And there you go!  My edits for this week!

I really REALLY some of you are coming to Dallas for the  Dream Big Photography workshop!  Quite honestly, I’m scared to death to be doing this ALONE!  You talk to people online, and then you MEET them…..and OMGosh what if no one likes me in person!  UGH!   I’m so nervous.  So, if you go, be nice to me!  I’m already terrified!  HAHAHA   (Yes, I probably do need to see someone over this stupid shyness in person! 😉   )

Be kind!


My photographic journey began in July in 2007 where I assumed I would purchase the expensive camera, and all my photos would be breathtaking, and I’d make a kajillion dollars. People would throw their wallets at me….I’d be famous and stuff….

I learned very quickly the error in my thinking.

It meant late late nights studying all I could and practice practice PRACTICE!

I’m not the best. I’m not the worst. I am learning, and I think it’s pretty acceptable to camp out there for awhile….maybe the rest of my life. For when I have reached perfection, what more is there to do?

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