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This week’s theme is silhouette!  One of my FAVORITES!  I have so many photos I could have shared, but this one just seemed like the one today:


This is the boring part of the blog now.  If you’re here just to see the pretty picture, I understand.  Ooooo…..ahhhhh…..pretty!  Thank you for stopping by!  I so appreciate everyone who drops in!  If you go without the rest of the story, that is alright.  I’m not offended.  Sometimes it’s a rush to get to see all the entries. 

BUT, if you have time……have a seat, I’d offer you a cup of tea if I could, but just rest for a second and relax.  Take a deep breath and let your shoulders relax.  How often do we get to do that….

This is my sweet friend, April.  I’ve known her since she was 13 in my Youth Sunday School class at church.  I know you can’t see in the picture, but April is the polar opposite of myself!  POLAR opposite!  And to be quite honest, she scared the snot out of me the first time I met her!  Yes, even at the age of 13!

April grew up in a very different part of town than I did.  She grew up in a very different sort of family than I did.  She’s had to fight for everything she’s had, work more than any child should, and worry about things I can’t even imagine.  I think she was born tattooed!  LOL  She’s very very rough around the edges.  Always has been.

She’s one of those “throw away” people:  the kind most people don’t invest their time or energy in, don’t give a second look to, and certainly don’t listen to.  She was a gang girl too.  TOUGH as nails!

But, for me, God placed a very soft spot in my heart for this rough looking girl!  I always made sure to sit with her, ask her about school, how’s her family.  Probably our 3rd conversation she told me about seeing a young man shot 46 times in a drive by shooting right in her own front yard……she was 13 and watched the entire thing.  It was nothing where she came from, but it was shocking for my suburban-housewife ears to hear.  I remember going to bed that night and praying for April’s safety.

I’ve done a lot of praying for this young lady.  I’ve done a lot of worrying, too.  But the most important thing is, I’ve spent a lot of time with her.  I’ve prayed with her more times than I could ever count.  She’s slept on my old, broken down couch for years before I could afford to get a twin bed in the bedroom upstairs.  I remember one time we sat around the table as a family to eat and she said she’d never done that before.  And last year, she spent Christmas with us.  I don’t know when I’ve ever laughed so hard!  She’s a joy to our family!  She’s one of those I just count as one of mine. 

I took this earlier this year.  She wanted a picture of herself and this is what she wanted.  She’s grown now, almost 23, and she has a testimony that is amazing to hear!  She’s been to Africa on a mission trip, she’s been to Mexico with me on a mission trip, and her heart is totally sold out for Christ.  She wanted a photo that reflected that.

She’s told me countless times that I saved her life. 

Truth be told…….

I don’t know if I saved her life….

………….as much as she’s saved mine.

God is so good to us! 

Be kind.