We are still truckin’ along!  I feel like I am in a holding pattern, waiting to land.  Anyone ever feel like that?  I can see where I’m headed…..vaguely, through the clouds, but I have no idea when or if I’ll be able to land!


Friday and Saturday were our foster parenting classes, and we both knew this is exactly the plan that God put us on.  I cannot tell you how amazing that felt, but sitting in the class and having 3 weeks worth of information being lobbed at you full force, it was mind-numbing.  I came home Friday night wondering what in the world we were getting ourselves into.  The abuse these kids come from…mental, physical, se x ual, emotional……there were times I just sat there and tried not to cry. 

Are You sure I can handle all of that, God?  I’m pretty weak You know…..

I would not have called you, unless I knew what you could handle, Dana….Just follow Me.

And in the beginning, I only wanted those babies/children that would be free to adopt, but Mike said “no, we’re not in this for us…..we’re in this for them.  We’ll go whole-hog.  These kids need us, even if they don’t stay forever.”  {UGH}  I know he’s right, but that’s a hard pill to swallow if I fall in love with them!   I just love how sensitive he is to the Spirit and where He is guiding us.

That makes a huge difference too:  we’re not in this for our own self-gratification like I’ve seen others do.  We’re not in this for the money, either, in fact, every dime of reimbursement we receive, is going directly for mission trips!

We’re in this because God told us to do this, and whatever we lack, He will provide…..emotionally and spiritually.  If I have to send someone home, He’ll provide us with the peace to let them go.  (Please remind me of this when the time comes.  I may need that reminder.)   I just have to trust that wherever He leads us, He’ll provide everything we’ll need to complete His plan.  It’s a lofty thought, and it kind of feels like standing on the precipice of an open plane door, and being told to JUMP at 22,000 feet. 

But, I’ve learned, jumping may be difficult at times, but it’s always been worth it. 

It may take upwards of 6+ months before we ever get a phone call, but I trust that God’s hand is all over that as well.  I want the child that He wants for us.  I want only His will, His desire, His plan, and nothing of Mike and I.  I want ONLY that child that God has ordained for our home and our family.  And so in the waiting, we pray for that child. 

And I trust Him.   Will you pray for that child as well?  And maybe a little for us as well.  I want to meet every need and desire that child has, and I know that God is the only One that can make that happen through our family.  So maybe throw in a little prayer for us too.  My heart could use it. 

Be kind.

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The picture that ALMOST was the “Paper” entry for this week.