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Recently, I posted Brooklyn’s letter to Santa on Facebook.

Here it is again for those that don’t stalk me there too. Winking smile

DSC_4064 WEB

I know…..sweet huh?

But I got a lot of comments on the beautiful snowflake bokeh in the background.  No, my Christmas lights are not snowflake shaped, they are just normal little white tree lights.

In fact, I have made them heart shaped as well…..

DSC_4033 WEB

DSC_4060 WEB

That’s my Chandler in the top photo.  And in the cute pink winter coat, all blurry in the background, is my Brooklyn, watching the ducks in the pond.

But, my favorite this season, was probably the snowflakes.  As you can tell.

DSC_4034 WEBDSC_4037 WEB

Yes, even my amazing turkey from Christmas dinner was NOT immune to my obsession of the fun shaped bokeh!

DSC_1580 WEB

OK, yes, I may be totally odd, but I’ve come to terms with it.

Wanna know my secret?  It’s totally hi-tech and probably has too many instructions for you to possibly duplicate it.  I’m a complete genius with expensive gadgets too expensive for anyone else to afford.  I’m just saying…..Want me to show you anyway?

Don’t be jealous….it’s a sin you know….

DSC_1583 WEB

I even made it BIG for you to see it better……

Yes, that’s a poorly cut circle with a snowflake hole punched in the center, or what passes as the center, on solid black construction paper.

I told you not to be jealous.  Winking smile

You use ordinary thick black paper (construction paper will work, this just happens to be scrapbook paper) and you cut it into a circle large enough to cover the entire front of your lens.  Then you take a hole punch of whatever shape you desire, and you hole punch the shape in the middle of the circle.

Take the circle and tape it in hi-tech fashion to your lens so the shape is in the MIDDLE of the lens.

Another little secret?  Mine kept falling off, so, whenever I wanted to use it, I just held it up against my lens.  I know, I’m lazy I guess.  {shrug} Whatev.  (ETA:  MCP has posted how she does it making a little lens hood-looking contraption that actually fits over your lens!  Check it out HERE.)

My trick:  I focused first on whatever I wanted to be IN focus, and then I stopped halfway down to hold that focus, then held up my little paper gadget and took the shot!

Make sure your f-stop is as wide open as you possibly can, and then have some fun!

I give you permission to leave your tree up just a few more days so you can practice.  LOL

Be kind, and have some FUN with your photos!