Disclaimer:  This is the post that males are not going to want to read.  There will be talk of icky girl p@rts that I would neither discuss in mixed company nor want to share with mixed company.  I’m so sorry….this is where I thank you for visiting, shake your hand, and thank you for kindly turning around and closing this post.  {Said with a nice smile}  Just go knowing that God is good.  In the end, God is always good.  There you, that’s the entire gist of the post anyway.



So there you go.  Another post with a disclaimer attached to it. 

I mentioned awhile back that I was having some health issues that were causing me a great deal of stress and starting to interfere with my normal life.  Back in October, we had a big Youth weekend planned and I ended up having to leave I was in so much pain.  That stunk!  I am the girls Sunday school teacher and I was supposed to be there! 

So, I ended up going to see 2 different doctors and ended up with a possible diagnosis of PCOS, I have a few of the symptoms, but not all of them.  So, I had my blood drawn.  And drawn again.  And I had an ultrasound that was very painful. 

Not fun!

Not fun at ALL!

And while she was doing this painful ultrasound, the tech asked me “You don’t plan on having anymore children right?” 

What?  Why??  What do you see?  Is something wrong??

Oh, I’m sorry, but I cannot disclose that information.  The doctor will view the results and get back with you.

What?  That’s just not nice at all!  Why would you say that and scare me and then NOT tell me anything? 

OK, the last part, I didn’t tell her, but I really really wanted to! 

So I waited for my doctor.

Apparently my diagnosis is fibroids (but I still don’t have all the symptoms of that either.  So who knows what’s going on in there.  There are no babies in there that I’m sure of. Winking smile ). 

But the other diagnosis which threw me for a loop, and made me hug my babies a little tighter, was that I have a bicornuate uterus, or a heart shaped uterus!  It is considered a rare genetic disorder and causes difficulty becoming pregnant and difficulty maintaining pregnancy!  (Which also explains why I go into labor prematurely!)

I am so glad I did NOT know this information before I had my babies! 

And it makes me thank the Lord for the beautiful blessings He has given me.  I have amazingly wonderful children……everyone always says so!  They are well-behaved, socially balanced, highly intelligent, very compassionate, and spiritually fit! 

I am blessed. 

And it just shows me how much my Savior loves me. 

Cool huh? 

And I’m heart-shaped!  Awwwww……..

Be kind…… and always thank the Lord for the blessings you see……and don’t see! 

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