I have to say, this week is HARD!  I’m struggling with which photo to use!  I have so many that are my FAVORITES, but I’ve probably used them for a contest already.  And then, they threw in:

Did your style change a bit (or a lot)? Do you have a new photographic vision when you look through the viewfinder of your camera?

And that changed everything for me.  I do have a new “style” I’m working on.  I’m still trying things out and trying to find my style in my photography.  The best example of it will be the photo I use NEXT week.  Winking smile  So check back next week.

So I may just eeny-meeny a photo and stick it in because I’m so torn. 

DSC_3753 WEB

(Click on the photo if it’s not tack-sharp)

OK, I’ll explain why I chose this photo: 

#1:  she’s my daughter.  Duh.

#2:  I’ve been learning to watch for the NATURAL photos, not the posed, overly modeled portraits.  I want to catch the NATURAL person, and this was it.  I dressed her up, put her in the field of wildflowers and then just WATCHED her for the shots.  I didn’t direct her, I just let her go and I snapped her being herself.

#3:  I’ve been trying to change my angles a little bit.  I didn’t want to be straight on, I didn’t want to be standing over her, I wanted something a little different.  I sat down (in the itchy field full of yucky bugs) and I angled the camera UP at her.  The pretty wildflowers she had picked are blurry in the front, and there’s her angelic face behind it…..as she’s looking for the next bunch of flowers to pick.  (NEXT week is a prime example of my “new” style I’m really working on!  So check back! LOL)

I am SO looking forward to seeing everyone’s photos!!  YAY!!