I am SO excited for this week!  The Judge is amazing!  The theme is amazing!

So here is my entry:

DSC_9414 WEB

(click on photo to see it regular size, and tack sharp.  Some monitors bring photos up differently, so if it isn’t sharp, click on the photo)

We have some super-sweet, super-amazing friends that have been sanity-saviors for us!  They have invited us out to a BEAUTIFUL lake house for some MUCH NEEDED R&R!  We don’t vacation often….maybe once very few YEARS, and only something super small.  So to be invited to this gorgeous lake house to rest in the quiet…..and NOT have to work long, hard hours……yes, it saved my sanity!

This is a picture I took of their UBER-ADORABLE youngest son.  I laid him down on the plush carpet facing the floor-to-ceiling windows, then laid my camera on the floor and shot up at him.  I LOVE this style and I LOVE the perspective!  But I love this little guy best!  He is simply yummy!

Be kind!  (You just never know what someone else is dealing with……)