Oklahoma doesn’t have a lot of snow.  Ever.  We have yucky stuff called “ICE”.  (Who am I kidding….I love weather…even the yucky ice!  LOL)  So I was DREADING this week because I don’t have a lot of snow pictures! 

And then God smiled on me for just a few hours….  Open-mouthed smile

DSC_0240 WEB

We received a few hours of beautiful snow!  It stayed overnight, and then was almost entirely gone by morning.  {shrug}  But it was here long enough for pictures!

Brooklyn and I started this little tradition of taking “snow pictures” every time it snows, because, like I mentioned, it hardly snows here!  But this time, she came down with the flu and was so very sick the day of this snow!  So I kissed her and told her it was alright, I’ll do them alone this time.  Oh the look on her face knowing she was about to miss our “snow pictures”!  So, I got her up and dressed her and she soldiered through so she wouldn’t have to miss!  What a fighter! 

I had SUCH a hard time picking which one because I LOVE so many of them for different reasons!  So, if you’d like to check the rest of them out, they are all posted here.  I hope I picked the best one….I’ve changed it like 3 times already just in writing this post!  HAHAHAHAHA!!!