This week’s FIF just melts my heart!! Oh how I LOVE babies! (On a side note, when I die and go to Heaven ((cuz you know I’ll be there! LOL)) I want to ask God WHY He made the newborn stage last mere WEEKS, while the teen years go on for EVERRRRR. I’m just sayin’.) So we will fix this photo and stare lovingly at the image and wish our babies were still this tiny (and not talking back or getting bad grades because he doesn’t turn in his homework because football players are “supposed to have bad grades, MOM, gee!”)…..oh how we wish our babies were still this tiny….. {le sigh} Here is the original image by Andrea:

BEAUTIFUL image! Just a touch too red. This is an easy, yummy image to fix! Here is my first edit:

Here is what I did: -Adjusted the colors using color balance. I added a touch of blue and yellow (in hindsight, now that I’ve stepped away from the image, maybe a TOUCH too much yellow. I’m not perfect ya know….. 😉 HAAAAAAA!) -I adjusted the highlights and shadows in levels to bring a little more drama to the photo. -Ran a high pass filter on the image to bring out a few of the details. -Cloning and healing tool to help conceal any imperfections on the fingers that may take away from the photo. (The client will LOVE you for this!) -I warmed the image just a little, but then reduced it down to only 40% (I probably could have taken this down to about 30-20% even) -softened the skin a touch to bring out the focus on the beautiful baby (I ♥ babies, have I said that??) -used hue/saturation to reduce the red tones about 10% -unsharp mask -cloned anything in the background that could still be seen. I didn’t want anything distracting taking away from the focus of this photo. And then here is my second edit:

I used the edit from above that I had already cleaned up, and then I just used Florabella’s Musette action from her Luxe collection. Side note, have you SEEN the Luxe II collection??? OH MY! My innards are all jiggly at the prospect. OK, my innards may be jiggly anyway, but in anticipation of these actions, they are a little more jiggly than normal. I.MUST.HAVE.THESE!! Here is my third edit:

With this one, I started all over again from the original image: -I used TRA action, b!tchin’ black and white -adjusted levels to give it more contrast -unsharp mask -PW’s lovely and ethereal action (I know, it’s a black and white image, but it softened the image just enough to give it the effect I was looking for) And my last edit:

-used Florabella’s “BW rain” from her Spring II collection and reduced the action down to 80%. -I adjusted the levels a touch to give it more contrast -used an unsharp mask -and finally, I cropped to a square crop, closer in to the hands and baby.

Hope you enjoyed the edits (and the random diarrhea that spews from my mouth! HA!)!

Dana-from chaos to Grace

My photographic journey began in July in 2007 where I assumed I would purchase the expensive camera, and all my photos would be breathtaking, and I’d make a kajillion dollars. People would throw their wallets at me….I’d be famous and stuff….

I learned very quickly the error in my thinking. It meant late late nights studying all I could and practice practice PRACTICE!

I’m not the best. I’m not the worst. I am learning, and I think it’s pretty acceptable to camp out there for awhile….maybe the rest of my life. For when I have reached perfection, what more is there to do?

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