This week is SO EXCITING!  Something DIFFERENT!  iHeartfaces is focusing on ANYTHING but the face this week! 

I had visions of beautiful, sweet tiny baby feet….or those teensy tiny baby fingers…..I even thought of a wonderful couple holding hands…..

But, instead I thought I’d go with something a little different.  I’m sure everyone will use baby feet/hands/chubby little legs/etc.  But this week, I’m going a little outside the box.  I’m going to go with something totally different.

Once a month, our church has this AMAZING service that is geared for the younger generation in the church.  The music is louder and doesn’t come out of the dusty books sitting in the pews in front of us.  {cough cough}  I’m not much of a hymn-lover anymore, please no hate mail.   My hair may be a certain color, but it ain’t blue.  Winking smile  No disrespect intended. 

Tonight, I took pictures of our 2nd Fuel service and it was AMAZING!  Oh the Spirit of God was moving in that place tonight!  This is one of my favorite people at church (I say one, because I have many favorites). 

DSC_2278 WEB

He has an amazing testimony, a wonderful heart, and he happens to totally adore my daughter, who he taught in Sunday School for 2 years.  This is a man of God!  

I can’t wait to drool and melt all over the baby hands/feet/etc that I’m sure will be used a lot, but I won’t regret my choice.  It’s so special to me!  (Go here to also drool and melt all over those tiny fingers and toes!  You know you want to!  LOL)