Let me introduce you to Jordan. 


Miss Jordan is one of my long-time Youth in the youth department.  I’ve known her since she was a really little girl, and I’ve watched her grow into such a lovely young lady.  But, better than that, I’ve watched her grow into a Godly young lady. 

Miss Jordan bakes. 

Whatever idea you have of baking….toss it out the window.  She raises her arms up and God, just for her, places little handfuls of Heaven He has just scooped out.  Then she puts it in the pan for 1000 degrees for 10 minutes and out pops Baked Heaven.  

OK, I’m kidding on the baking process, it might not be exactly 1000 degrees.  But the Baked Heaven….that’s no lie.

She’s amazing. 

Last week was her birthday, and because she is kind to me and laughs at all my jokes, she agreed to come and help me learn how to make Baked Heaven. 


So, with her hand-written recipe in hand, she met me up at the church with all of my crazy kids, and we baked together. 


She was so very sweet with Brooklyn and let her help too.  Hint:  if you are GOOD to my daughter, you may be my favorite and there might just be an extra special recliner in your mansion in Heaven for you. 

DSC_2395She even let her help when it really wasn’t much help at all….it was just licking the icing off of her arm.  And face.  And counter.  Go, Baby Girl, go!  That’s my girl! 

And she spoke kind words to her and explained what she was doing. 

Brooklyn’s 5.  She doesn’t understand yet why you carefully smooth the powdered sugar with the knife when you are measuring it, but she does understand that you took the time to talk to her and help her to feel included.

I love Jordan.


Simply put:  she’s kind.  Even when she’s scared, even when she really doesn’t want to do something….she’s kind.   Even when people are not the kindest to her or hurt her, she’s still kind.  I think I need to learn a little more from Jordan than just baking a cake.


She loves to read scary books…..and her Bible.  She’s not afraid to wear orange nail polish, or explore the church in the dark when no one is there (not that we did that or anything……really.  {cough cough}) or try new foods even if she doesn’t really want to.   She’s not perfect, none of us are, but she tries.  She takes what is not perfect, and she tries to improve it.  She knows when she needs help, and she seeks someone older and wiser for guidance.  And sometimes, she’s just stuck with me.  Open-mouthed smile  Poor thing…..I’ll try not to break her too bad.  LOL 

And if she doesn’t get my a joke, she’ll just come right out and say:  “I don’t get it.  I’m not good with sarcasm”. 

DSC_2391 copy

I wish I knew more teenagers like Jordan.  And not because I’m a fat chick and I like cake….but because knowing her makes ME a better person.

Thank you, Jordan, for coming to the church with me, and letting me attempt to bake a cake with you.  Mine didn’t turn out very pretty, but it was so delicious!  And like you said:  “Sprinkles make everything look better.”


You are loved.


Be happy, Jordan.