I blogged about my A*MAZING trip to Washington to FINALLY meet *THE* Rachel on my photography blog.  That was my reason for being there.

However, Rachel and Mr Daddy are so very sweet to me, and knowing I had never been to Washington before, they were kind enough to take both Austin and I on a little sightseeing tour around Puget Sound!  This was a HUUUUUU-{deep breath}-GEEEEEEEEEEE deal to me!

And while on this beautiful little tour of Puget Sound, they walked me down to this quaint little dock RIGHT on the water.  (I guess all docks are technically on the water, but when you live in Oklahoma and seldom get to see the ocean in any form, docks on the water are a big deal.)

(Alright fine.  When you live in Oklahoma and work 3 jobs and hardly ever get to leave your house, anything is a big deal.  There.  I said it.)

Anyway, while on this dock (ON Puget Sound), I noticed these odd things all over the pier.  I had never seen anything like it before, but because I have watched Spongebob am a genius, I figured out they were BARNACLES!  Like, REAL barnacles!

DSC_5590 web

I have to say, I was enamored with these odd things!  So, because I’ve seen Spongebob I thought Brooklyn would find them seriously cool, I wanted to take one or two home for her to see!  So Bob graciously picked it right off the pier and I dropped them down inside my camera bag.  Not a big deal.

DSC_5591 web

Barnacles are cool.  They were EVERYWHERE!

DSC_5602 web

So, flash forward to last Thursday, 4 days after I arrived home.  My darling Chandler had his FIRST Band concert ever!  He was so proud to be doing this……playing on the stage in front of HUNDREDS of people (possibly 150-200…..there was 2 schools there, it’s not like he’s a clarinet prodigy or anything and they were all listening to him play LOL  He played with his school band).

We find our seats and before this thing starts rolling, I want to snap some pictures of my handsome son that I am terribly proud of!  Set my things down and realize I am smelling someone.

This is NOT a nice odor.  What in the world?  Did I forget to put a load in the dryer and now my shirt smells of slight washing-machine-mildew?  So I smell my shirt, NOT very indiscreetly either.

Nope.  Not my shirt.  OK, but I don’t smell it anymore either.  Must be a smelly passerby.  {ahem}

So, I pick up my camera bag and I open it to retrieve my beautiful Nikon D700 camera.  THERE IT IS AGAIN!  Who SMELLS??  And my face has “I SMELL SOMETHING HORRIBLY STINKY” written all over it!  My nose is wrinkled and my lips are curled up at the offending person that is daring to go into PUBLIC smelling so RANK!  And again, I look around!  There’s a CROWD of people all around me, who is it??  Smell my shirt again…..no, I’m pretty sure it’s NOT me.  Discreetly smell my armpits and am reassured to smell only baby powder Secret.  (Hush.)

Where in the WORLD is that awful, awful smell coming from??

Then….I pull OUT my beautiful Nikon D700 and the smell almost knocks me over.  Oh.Dear.God.in.Heaven.

But the band is getting ready to start and I HAVE to have pictures!  So, I quickly CLOSE the camera bag and throw it UNDERNEATH my chair and rush up to the stage to take pictures of my absolutely smashing son!

DSC_6193 web

And then realize that I am STILL smelling it!

–My lens cap keeper string and elastic reek. 

–My camera strap that I am so terribly proud of because the words Nikon D700 are prominently displayed for ALLLLLLLL to see……is gag-inducing.

–The stench is clinging to the rubber grip on my Nikon D700. 

I had forgotten to take out the barnacles and the ghost of their little dead bodies were now haunting me, at my son’s first band concert, in the form of an odor that would seriously raise the dead.

So, needless to say, it all must be laundered, washed gently with a clorox wipe…..or thrown out……

…..including my camera bag.

DSC_6284 web

Oh but don’t worry…..the bag is B U T T-UGLY anyway.  It’s very functional and very comfortable to carry and only cost me $30 which is what I could afford, but it’s B U T T ugly.  And I’ve seen a lot of b u t t s, so I should know just how ugly they are.  So now I have to sell a kidney to find a fancy, flashy, hot pink, bejeweled camera bag.  Or figure out how to make my own.

And because Rachel is so wickedly awesome, I found Broward Patch which makes custom camera straps.  And she just happens to have a zebra one with hot pink waiting for me!

Oh yes, momma’s happy!

So, here is your word of warning, PAY CLOSE ATTENTION:

When you go to Washington with **THE** Rachel (the amazing) and the ever courteous Mr. Daddy, do not pluck off barnacles from their home because they are actually ALIVE and if you put them ALIVE into your camera bag and forget about them for 4 days later, they will no longer be ALIVE.  In fact, they will be quite dead and they will smell really, really, REALLLLLLLLY bad.  The general public will not understand and they will stare. 

Oh barnacles!  Don’t say I didn’t warn you!  HAAAAAAAAA!

Thank you to THE Rachel and the ever-hilarious Mr Daddy for making my trip AMAZING!