Sometimes in their childhood, it’s just better to document.  You have to get over your shocked feelings, swallow your pride, and just photograph the insanity that happens.  It isn’t our childhood afterall…..it’s our children’s.

And sometimes, it’s just important for them to be kids.

Austin just recently turned 16, and somehow my heart just can’t accept the fact.  He’s growing up….and he’ll be gone soon.  So I’m trying to enjoy the time we have left.  And that means, I pick my battles.  When they want to play in the hose because it’s 345 degrees outside…..you just say sure.

But, what followed, I was not prepared for.

Be warned, the following images are not pretty.  In fact, to some, they may be troubling.  Rest assured, no one was harmed in this mayhem.  I cannot say the same for the beautiful gymboree swimsuit.  We will hold a moment of silence.

This is what I saw about 15 minutes after:

(Yes, my white balance on the camera was set wrong from the worship service I photographed the night before.  But I had to just grab it QUICK and start snapping!)

Yes, Lyric, sweetie, I see what they are doing….but I don’t understand it either.

You might want to runaway at this moment though….I’m only trying to warn you….

Sorry.  When you run with the big dogs….

“Lyric, do you want me to wash you off?”


“Is it gross?”


“Do you want me to wash you off?”


Oh gee….I’m so proud.

“Lyric, do you want me to wash you off?”

{long pause}  “No.”

Of course Brooklyn does not want to get dirty…..she is wearing Gymboree.  We do NOT get Gymboree dirty.

No, I do not think you are a s e x y  b e a s t.  Wait…where did you hear that phrase??  Dad.  I should have known.

“Brooklyn, do you want me to wash you off?  It is on your Gymboree, you know….and we don’t get Gymboree dirty….”

“Nooooooooooo, Mom.  Austin, I want more!”

“Do I have enough?  I don’t think I have enough….”

{sigh} Yes, I see my 3 little monkeys…..

But, Lord, when I said I wanted a chocolate baby…..this is not exactly what I meant…..

But I sure do love you guys anyway….