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I still dream of breakfast in bed….of waking up to the yummy smells of bacon sizzling on the stove….of the warm smell of coffee brewing….of biscuits rising in the oven.


I get a Baby Boy that has peed through his diaper onto my sheets which only reminds me that now I have to wash my only set of sheets and have them dried and put back onto the bed before we go to bed.

I wake up to Brooklyn jumping into the bed with us declaring Princess Tiana wet the bed too and she needs a towel.  “And my nose is bleeding.” Another set of sheets to wash and dry today….along with some favorite pajamas to treat to remove the blood stain…and wash so she can wear them to bed again tonight because they are her favorites.

And Little Man….Little Man who still isn’t feeling well, and went to bed with yet another fever last night.  Who fell asleep on the couch, so Mike just carried him up to bed without any of his lotions….or a diaper.

Another set of sheets to wash….and pajamas.

And, then there’s Mike….“If the eggs expired Dec 27th…are they still good enough to use?”  Ummm.  No.  “What about the 29th?  We have some in the back that expire the 29th….are those still good?”  Again.  No.  “OK, but would we DIE if we ate them?”

Good gravy.  Wait….sausage gravy sounds good over warm fluffy biscuits….

We gain 3 children, lose partial income, and gain a LOT of room in our freezer….fridge…..AND pantry.  So not fair.  It’s sad that my biggest dream is to have a FULLY stocked kitchen.  I’d love to go on vacation again…would love to swim with the dolphins…would love to see my friends, Rachel and Bob, in Washington again (this time for at least a WEEK instead of 24 hours!)…would love to go to Atlanta again…

But for now, my dreams consist of….

“Little Man threw up all in his bed….”

For now, my dreams consist of a kitchen full of food.  Nice, good, healthy food, preferably that cooks itself, a laundry room big enough to hold the insurmountable loads of laundry I do every day for 8 people, and the ability to pee by myself.

Or Alice from the Brady Bunch.  Please, can I have an Alice?

Ya know, just the little things.

But I have to say…having Baby Boy pee out of his diaper means he has to have a bath.  Little brown, nakie body splashing in the tub = a great time at my house!  Little Man getting sick in his bed = a nice clean bed for him and finding all of his stuffed animals that have wandered to places unknown.

It’s good to have dreams (and a payday tomorrow LOL)…but living in reality is pretty good too.