Sometimes, in life, as parents, we just go with the flow.  Just let it happen. 

Yesterday, Princess Tiana wanted to wear her tiara to church.  She looked at me with a look that showed the defeat she was accustomed to before she came to our house…

….and yet the hope that living with us has produced.

Of course I said yes.  How could I refuse?  So I combed and fixed her hair (as only a white mom of a mixed girl can) and set her tiara proudly on head. 

I know most people would think I’m crazy for allowing such things in public (I got the odd looks for allowing Austin to wear his Superman cape or cowboy attire everywhere.  And again with Chandler when he wanted to be Bibleman wherever we went), but I see nothing wrong with it.  They are children for such a short amount of time, and trust me, my 16 year old doesn’t wear his Superman cape OR his cowboy stuff at all anymore.

But camo….well….that’s an entirely different matter:

DSC_3430 web LOL 

I just believe that we need to encourage them whenever we can. 

And one of the Christmas presents the girls got was a nail art kit.  So of course I had to paint the girls fingernails.  And, of course, they wanted to match each other. 

DSC_3563 web

They are simply precious.  I am blessed.  (Some call it crazy….but I’ll just pretend it’s simple blessings.)

Encourage one another, and always be kind!