There are some days that I swear are just made for me!  I believe they are God’s way of letting me know, He has this.  It’s under control.  It’s fine.  Keep going.  Don’t quit.  It’ll be alright.  Smile.  Laugh it off.  Stay calm.  Relax.  Smile again.  Laugh again.  You’re doing My work.

Yesterday was one such day.  It started much like other days:  too early, fussy 6 year old, boys that don’t want to get out of bed, other boy that doesn’t want to sleep and wakes too early, and a 4 year old that only wants to wear skirts and dresses meant for church, and thanks, boys, for using up ALL the hot water.  Again.  Yes, I do indeed enjoy cold showers. Ugh.

The big boys leave for the day, and I fall back on the couch exhausted and realizing it’s only 7:15. 

More kids come to spend the day with me, medications, drops in Little Man’s ear, crying when he has to go to the bathroom, what’s for lunch today?, shoot, what’s for dinner?  Grocery store again?  Really?  How can we go through that much food?

And on and on my days go.  Boo-boos that need kissing, books that need reading, clothes that need washing, more clothes that need washing….kids that need snuggling (YAY!)…’s always the same.  Not enough space, not enough storage, not enough time, not enough hands, always dreaming.

But last night, we were invited (with our 6 kids) to my cousin’s Life Group (small group from her church).  They wanted to meet us….and our 6 kids.  After you have so many kids, invitations seem to disappear for obvious reasons.  But the day before, my cousin’s husband asked:

Would you like to say something?

Say something?  Me?  Really?  I’m usually the one behind the camera, I like to talk, but most people don’t ask me to say something.  Like, in front of people.  Like, to people.  I can do a snappy slideshow with pretty pictures…..but say something? 

I can talk about God.  So, there you go.

But, meeting new people is always so scary to me.  EEK!  I’ll go in faith, and pray God moves.  That’s all I can do.

Oh, He not only moved, but He danced and sang!  God is so good!

The house is FULL of people, amazingly sweet people, talking to my kids, asking questions as we all mingled, getting to know our family.  And the time to begin, I started the video, and then restarted the video, and then paused it several times, because they wanted to READ about each child.  They wanted to know all they could about these new babies in my home. 

And, then, the time to speak, and I just stared for a second.  But, the story was simple.  The story that God laid out for us, is an easy one. 

“Our journey began with an unquenchable, unshakeable, hunger for God.  We knew there was more, and we wanted it….” 

So, I just started the story from the beginning.  Just tell what God has done.  Tell what He accomplished.  The story is simply about how good God is, and what can be accomplished with simple obedience.  I can always share Christ. 

But, for me, the most amazing thing…..

They listened. 

They wanted to hear our story.  They wanted to hear all about what God is doing, and how He is moving.  And when we were done, there were a lot of tears, and a lot of questions for us.  They stayed, they talked, they asked more questions, they hugged us, they hugged our babies, and they listened.

They asked what they could pray for, what can they believe God for on our behalf.

They were interested and they listened to the amazing, wonderful, life-changing, mountain-moving, Spirit-breathing things that God has done.

We left, and I cried.  I think I cried all the way home.  I cried again this morning retelling the story on the phone.  GOD is amazing.  He is good.

And it all began with that unshakeable, unmoving, breath-stealing, unquenchable hunger for God….

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