My sweet daughter, Brooklyn, is such a quiet child.  She’s very shy, and very seldom will talk to anyone.  It takes a LONG time for her to warm up to anyone enough for her to look at you, much less  give you a high-five or a “fist pump”….even our church that she has literally grown up in.

But every once in a while, she deems someone worthy of her attention.  She still may not talk to you in person, but at home, she will talk nonstop.

Or color you pictures.

Or write you “letters”.

Or pretend to be you when she plays in the backyard or pushing her baby stroller up and down the sidewalk.

There are a few ladies at church, and my beautiful cousin, Robin, that she will do this.

Next month, she will be the flower girl in her very first wedding, so obviously, we are talking nonstop wedding:  hair, nails, shoes, dress, flowers, baskets, etc.  We are watching YouTube videos of every (well-behaved) flower girl on there, just so she will have an idea of what is required of her.   (Holding flowers and wearing a pretty dress…..and walking down an aisle in front of hundreds of people…)

Brooklyn grew up with the groom.  He is a good family friend, and she has known him her whole life.  Still won’t speak to him…..but she knows him.

The bride, she doesn’t know.  She has met her a few times at church, but she doesn’t know her.

So, this afternoon, she comes in with this BIG bouquet of weeds…..

….so proud of them.

She happily asks me:  “Guess who these are for?” 

Well, I can only imagine they are for me, I’m the only one home.

She shakes her head: “Noooo……”

So then I run through the very short list of ladies she knows that she likes.

Again, she shakes her head: “Noooo…..”

At this point, I’m stumped.  I have no idea.  “I don’t know, honey, who are they for?”

“You have to guess, Momma!  I’ll give you a hint:  she’s going to wear a beautiful white dress!”

THE BRIDE, I say, and tell her her name.

I picked her bouquet of flowers she can use at the wedding!  Aren’t they beautiful??”

She is so proud, and she is so happy with this beautiful gift of “flowers” she wants to give to this sweet, sweet bride to carry down the runway at her wedding.  And she went to the kitchen to get one of my good glasses to keep them in water until that wonderful day.

I love my daughter.  I love the simple goodness that she has and I haven’t got the heart to tell her those beautiful “flowers” are weeds, brides don’t normally carry those down the aisle, and there’s no way they will last til next month.

So instead, I offer to take some pictures of them for her and she can give the prints to the bride on her wedding day.

And I am again reminded of the humbleness of a child, their compassionate hearts, and their never ending ability to see beauty in all things.

Congratulations, Corey & Kylie!

flower web

 flower2 web