I know it’s been awhile since my last update, but sometimes I struggle with my inner demons.  I think fostering has made me bi-polar.  The Jesus-in-me keeps me compassionate and prayerful of you, but the human-….the mother’s heart…-in-me, makes me angry sometimes with your choices.  So I struggle within myself. In times of struggle, I just remain silent because I cannot trust myself. 

But there’s a lot to update.

He has officially cut 6 teeth now, and he’s working on 2 more!  Oh, he’s just the cutest thing with those little tiny baby teeth!  He’s discovered real food too and he’s insatiable some nights!  LOL  He lost all interest in baby food when those teeth came in, and he’s been on solid food for over a month now.  I am very particular about his diet because he’s already been through so much, I want him to have the best nutrition I can give him to help his body grow and heal.  He loves carrots!  He’s also discovered cinnamon graham crackers (my husband introduced them Winking smile )  and we’ve made those his special treats.

He’s up to 20 pounds now and growing like a weed!  He’s finally filling out in all the right, baby-chubby places.  His dr was thrilled at this progress!

DSC_7424 web

He’s walking so much now!  He always walks first, then when he falls, he will just start crawling.  He can go across an entire room now!  The kids call him “Zombie Baby” because of his herky-jerky walk with his arms outstretched either in front of him or above his head.  You can see it in his face how proud of himself he is. 

I swear, his smile lights up a room.

DSC_7275 blog

I have to admit, honestly?  I didn’t think he’d walk for a very long time.  His injuries were just so bad, I was afraid he’d never recover, and yet…..God has made this absolute incredible miracle and I get to spend every moment with him.  I get to see God daily work and move in his little life….healing body and mind.  He’s a miracle! 

Everyone simply adores him.  They play “tag” with him and they all giggle until I’m afraid they will be sick from all the laughing!  They even play “hide & seek” with him, but I don’t think they really understand they are only hiding from him and making him find them.  But they all enjoy the game and the laughter abounds, so I don’t correct their “game”. 

We are planning a HUGE birthday party for him on his special day.  After surviving death on more than one occasion, the drs never expected him to make it to his birthday, we are throwing a BIG party for him!  He has beat the odds, and his testimony is great! 

He really is our little Superman.

DSC_7294 blog

I hate that you’ll miss it.  I hate a lot of things, but I can’t change them, so I’ll be silent.

DSC_7450 blog

We’ve already done his photos and his cake-smash so we can display the photos of his Life’s Journey with us through pictures at his birthday party.  I hope one day you’ll see them. 

I struggle with so many things as I’m sure you do as well.  I hope you find peace where you are.  I hope you are able to change your life and make better decisions with the time God has given you. 

Praying for you,

The Foster Mom