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I had a wonderful conversation today with a lady I have never met before, but their Foster Ministry at their church would like to match a member of their church with our family to help in any way we need. 

{Stunned silence}

Wait…..a complete stranger, from a church I’ve only visited once a long time ago, wants to help us?


I am telling you, the things that God has allowed to happen for us and the people that He has led to us has seriously blown my mind.  Never in a million years would I have imagined total strangers would be led to MY family, to help us. 

I have been told several times:

“God led me to your family”

“I think God wants me to talk to you.”

“God wants us to do …..”

I’m not a person that really stands out.  I’m not in any popular crowd.  I’m not even a little bit cool.  I’m not attractive at all.  I’m “just a mom”, not one that many people would look twice at or go out of their way to talk to.  I’m not trying to be morose, I’m just old enough now to know the way of things.

But it’s Christ working in me and my family that has led these people to us.

(I hope they aren’t disappointed.  LOL)

Anyway, during this conversation with this wonderfully sweet lady, we discussed the MISSION of fostering. 

The what?

The MISSION of fostering.

Most people and most churches don’t view fostering children as a MISSION.  Foster parents have gotten a bad reputation for many years because of bad foster parents.  Those that do it for ALL the wrong reasons (money, martyrdom, etc) have made it look bad. 

But God is sending in MISSIONARIES to do His work!

No, most of us don’t have to leave our homes and travel some place that requires a pass port.  But not all mission trips require that. 

Our family, for instance, did NOT go into this to gain more children.  We did not go into this as a job opportunity to make money.  And we did NOT go into this to make our family look like really good people.  (We’re really good people all by ourselves.  Winking smile  The “cool” people just WISH we’d hang out with them.  BAHAHAHAHA)  Sorry, I have to crack myself up.

Anyway, God called us to do this.  He called us into the Mission field of Fostering children.  Caring for His orphans.  We work everyday to better the lives of 3 children.  We work everyday to ensure they know and love God.  We work everyday so that these 3 foster children God has placed in our home KNOW they are safe, loved and wanted.  Some days are not pretty.  Some days are just plain HARD and it’s only God that gets us through it.  Some days we’re exhausted, but God keeps us going.

And if God calls us, we will stay on this Mission field for the rest of their lives.

Be kind, and DO UNTO OTHERS.

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(Brooklyn, holding her very-loved foster brother.)