So today has been a RUSH of emotion!  Lots and lots of tears!

Today was ADOPTION DAY!!

Today was the day the Suggs family grew by 6 feet!  We are so proud to announce the additions of Lizzie, Jaxon and Jeremiah!

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I will have to blog more about this.  So many many emotions today!

RELIEF, excitement, happy crying, tears for the family they lost, RELIEF!

Do you know what you felt when you were finally able to leave that hospital with your brand new baby?  You walk in your home with that brand new baby with all of that knowledge that there is no staff to help if you need it, you don’t have to answer to ANYONE now, and that freedom of knowing they are all yours?

Yeah, it feels just like that.

Only, we’ve been cooped up in that hospital for 18 months now and we’ve just been released!  Good and scary feelings all at the same time.  Sometimes having someone to ask questions to is really nice!  But not having to answer to someone for EVERY drs visit or trip to the next town over is really really nice!

The VERY best thing?

Knowing they’re mine.

They won’t be leaving.  No one is going to come and take them away from me.  They are mine.  So amazing.  They aren’t going anywhere!  Such RELIEF.

And don’t worry….God is definitely not finished with us yet.  He has already placed us in the path of another young person in need of a good, loving home.

So don’t stop praying for us!

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