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This year, I am participating (or attempting to) in a Grateful challenge.  2013 was terribly difficult for me, and too many times I found myself wanting to just hide under the covers.  It all seemed so dark anyway, where was the light?

The Light was there, but I was too far under those covers to even attempt to see it.

This year, I’m looking for that light.

I am choosing to find the light everyday and document it in some way.

Some days it will be in my journal.  Some days it will be on Facebook.  Some days it will be on Instagram.

But every day, my goal is to be find what I am grateful for during my day.

God has been trying to get me to see them, but I chose to ignore them.

Today, this is my first Grateful post.

Today, I am grateful for Chandler.  He is my 2nd oldest son.  He is delightful.  He is hilariously funny, doesn’t mind dressing up, can laugh at himself, enjoys being nerdy and fun.  He is a proud “bandy” at school, and doesn’t mind who knows it.  He is kind and compassionate.  He is completely unashamed of his salvation and his remarkable relationship with Christ.  He doesn’t mind sharing Christ with anyone:  from the gorgeous, perfect cheerleader at school, to the homeless man on the street.

He is my Baby Whisperer.

The church ladies fight over him in the nursery.  He can make any child smile!

I could not have fostered or adopted without him.

He is my support, and at times, sadly, my moral compass.  He isn’t afraid to tell me when I’m “being dumb”.  He keeps me spiritually on my toes.

He will make this world a better place.  He will change the world.

I am grateful for this child that God blessed me with.

I am grateful for my Chandler.