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Some people have wonderful childhoods.  Full of everything wonderful.

Magic and unicorns.

And some children do not.

Wednesday, our 7th child officially moves into the house.  Our 4th foster child.

He is 14, and a boy.  It may as well be a death sentence for him in the world of foster care.  Very few people will take teenagers, much less boys.

He has had a really, really rough year.  And his struggles are not over.  School alone will be a massive challenge for him, and it’ll be his first real experience with school.

I lost count of his attempted suicide attempts this year.

So, on our weekly passes with him to bring him home with us to spend the night and go to church, I watch.

I wait.

A simple smile.

Gratitude Day 4 web

The sound of laughter that rings through the air, and echoes in my house.

For a foster parent, that is the most magical of sounds.  It is the most beautiful of sights.  They are not always easy to come by, and they can take a very long time to see.

Welcome, #7.

Project:  Gratitude, Day 4, I am so grateful for a simple smile.