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When we felt led by God to travel down the road of foster care and adoption, our boys were 15 and 12 years old.

Yes, teenagers.

Yes, I was worried how teenage BOYS would do with this little jaunt down that road.  Teenagers are not known for their unselfish acts of kindness…especially boys.  They are not known for their open arms and compassionate character.

But, God had a huge surprise for me in my doubt.  When He called my husband and I, He also called my sons. In fact, Austin, my oldest, knew before my husband did that God was calling us to do this.  Pretty cool, huh?

So, when the kids came, they were welcomed with all the love in the world!  Because when God calls you, He equips you to do every good work!

DSC_5040 webAustin has an amazing relationship with his much younger siblings.  So when it came time to do his Senior portraits, it was only natural to look in the viewfinder and find Jeremiah photobombing nearly every photo.

And he tried so hard to mirror what his big brother was doing.  What a beautiful shadow of things to come!  If Jeremiah follows the example and walk of Austin, he will also have a wonderful relationship with his Savior!

I am so blessed to be the Momma of 4 amazing and awe-inspiring boys (and 2 gorgeous girls)!