My bucket list

Sounds a little morbid now that I’m making it.  But hopefully it will give me some courage to do things!  LOL

Photograph a Mission trip to an Orphanage.

Buy land, at least 10-20 acres for a bigger house, to help more children.  I want to learn how to grow food and eat it, and teach the children to do the same.  I want to raise small farm animals to teach the children how to take care of other living creatures. I want them to run and play and have FUN without fear of neighbors coming down on us for being “too loud”.  I want to enjoy the quiet of the country on a big front porch while I rock babies to sleep or talk to teenagers in the peace of the night.  This is my MOST important Bucket List item, and only God can fulfill it.

See a tall waterfall.

See the ocean again.  Accomplished Oct 1st 2011

Take my family on an incredible vacation.  Sept 30-Oct 10th 2011

Take ALL of my children on a vacation to remember!  To the ocean of course! 😀 

See Washington state again.  (This was on my old bucket list, and I was able to go this summer for a weekend! Now I want to go again.)

Adopt a child.  March 1st, 2013, I became the Mom to 3 new children!  YAY!  Lizzie, Jaxon, and Jeremiah were adopted!  Praise God!

Photograph a celebrity.

Become comfortable in my skin.

Take beach photos.  Took on our vacation Sept 30-Oct 10

See an “angry” ocean.

See Maine in the fall.

Visit China.

Visit Ireland.

2 thoughts on “My bucket list”

  1. Grammie Kari said:

    Dana, you have done such a nice job with your blog. You will be happy that you have documented so much from your childrens’ life! They do grow up much too fast. I hope you do accomplish much from your Bucket List! I have added ride on an Air Balloon and wonder if there is an age limit? I don’t think there is any age limit when composing these lists. Nice job!

  2. Carisa Haven said:

    Did you make it to Washington State yet? I live in Washington State, and I like you.

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