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I’ve never been the cheerleader type. Never the one picked first for most things. I’m a big girl. Not a bit graceful. I laugh a lot…mostly at myself. I’m a total dork. In fact, Po, from Kung Fu Panda pretty much sums up…..me.

So I’m constantly amazed when God chooses to use…..me. Just me. Not my adorably cute kids. Not my handsome husband.


He gives me the words to say…..when usually something stupid would come out. He gives me the right things to do…..when usually I’d do something funny, or ungraceful and totally clumsy. He gives me the vision He sees….instead of the normal, NATURAL things I see.

I don’t much understand it. Why in the world He would choose me? And the only thing I can think of is:

I’m available.

I made myself available to Him. I cleaned out the clutter and the crap of myself, and left the door wide open. Lord…..please. I can’t do it on my own. I don’t want to do it on my own. Let me see good works. Let me do good works. Use………me.

And somehow……He did! On my own, I am nothing. I know this. I look in the mirror and see the same thing other people do. But with the Creator of the Universe? I can do MUCH! I can reach people I never thought I’d reach. I can say and DO the right things! And I can be USEFUL.

Without Him….I am nothing.

I give total and complete credit to Christ Almighty. Any words I say that are RIGHT. Any lessons or messages I post that are GOOD. Any photo that I take that takes your breath away…. All Him.

So God has a vast sense of humor….and yet somehow….it works.


Having said that….I cannot take the credit for the talent. I told God to use my camera for His works. I’m not saying the photo will heal the lame or make the blind see….I had to start SOMEWHERE, and He knew this. I had to learn, and this is one of those learning photos:


But it won! 😀 Out of some….258 entries!


I am deeply honored and touched…and quite frankly a little shocked, alright a LOT shocked, but I thank God for loving me enough to put a passion in my heart and the wisdom to know when to let Him guide me. 🙂

Maybe I’ll slowly start to believe in myself. Maybe.

But the one thing I know…..I want to stay available for Christ to always do something better in me.

Just me. Only…..better.