My photographic journey began in July in 2007 where I assumed I would purchase the expensive camera, and all my photos would be breathtaking, and I’d make a kajillion dollars. People would throw their wallets at me….I’d be famous and stuff….

I learned very quickly the error in my thinking.

It meant late late nights studying all I could. Reading a manual I still swear is written in Latin. Becoming a stalker (of sorts) of photographers I love and admire. And practice practice PRACTICE! Because I am later in life discovering this God-given talent, I am now a wife of 17+ years, mother of 3 (14, 11, and 3), and a full-time job-holder who could not go to school to learn photography. I called several photographers in my area and begged to be their slave, and got the same answers, “Go to school like everyone else.” Yes, definitely rude. Very rude. Shame, shame on them.

So, I am mainly self-taught with a photography group online that has been amazing to me! They’ve helped my journey tremendously and pushed me, kicking and screaming, into things I’d never try on my own, one being manual. They’re still working on RAW though…. 😉

I’ve learned a lot and I’ve experienced a lot and my photography is still evolving.

From “award-winning” portraits:

(iHeartfaces….it wasn’t like I won money or anything. LOL)

….to inspirational and helps to share my faith…

….to Worship photography with churches:

But my heart is Missions photography. No, you’re right, you’ve probably never heard of it. It’s what God has put in my heart to do, and I’m still waiting for Him to send me. I want to take the pictures of the orphan faces, mud-caked and riddled by starvation, the faces of the adults who have lost hope, and the missionaries that help. We are a visual people, and if we SEE what is going on in places other than our comfortable suburbias, we are more apt to help and make a difference. That is what God has put in my heart.

I have only recently gone professional, and I’m still no where near as good as my idols or mentors, but I’ll get there. Or God will send me to Africa or China, or Myanmar…or Cambodia…and then I won’t care about perfect portraits of perfect people….

I have a Nikon D90 and a Nikon D80 for my backup. I have a 50mm 1.8, 35mm, 55-200 zoom, and 28-75mm wide angle lens. And I edit on a PC with Photoshop CS2. I do the best I can with what God has provided for me. I hope to upgrade to a D700 sometime next year! Gosh, or even a D300…I’d be happy with that….and hopefully soon I can save enough to upgrade the computer soon, this one’s a dinosaur! LOL

11 thoughts on “Photography”

  1. So glad you are doing this! I just e-mailed you my first photo to edit. 😉

  2. WOW-you sound exactly like ME! Even our kids are all the same age…well my son is 12 now! And I did the same thing as far as call/write photographers around here…and got the same answer. I HAVE found some very special online buddies that have done so much for me, but they all live so far away. sniff. I love your work!!

  3. I love the pictures! But totally amazed with the little girl praying, that is perfect and beautiful and such a keeper!

  4. Your work is incredible.

    I love your mission!! Blessings to you in your journey ahead.

  5. Beautiful work and incredible calling. I am enjoying browsing your blog. 🙂

  6. Even though you’re self-taught, your work is incredible!

  7. What lens and camera do you use to get those beautiful, crisp, shiny eyes?

  8. I am very inspired by your photography work, especially your ministry photos. My husband plays drums for our church’s worship team, music language that Jesus and I communicate best to each other(: although I can’t sing or play an instrument. I began pushing myself to learn photography full force last year, after a brush with death. I decided I had been given another chance at life so I would learn to capture the family and life around me I have been blessed with.
    I have always felt a natural tug to the beauty of others worshiping our Lord, I have never come across another who captures what I *try* to, I sometimes struggle with finding the balance between capturing a beautiful moment..and invading the space or distracting people worshiping..or just plain looking like a nut. You have done a beautiful job…I look forward to following your blog

    God Bless

  9. Magic in your Cam or in your hands….!!!!

  10. And look how far you’ve come since you wrote this…:<)

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