Prayer List

I have a prayer journal that I LOVE!  It keeps me organized and dedicated in prayer for specific things.  So I thought I’d add some real prayer needs.

1.)  Health of the family

2.)  Patience with each other 😉

3.)  Provision:  there are just obvious things such a large family needs

a.)  right now, our most pressing need is bunk beds for the girls.  They have picked out several that they like, but #1 request is white and girly.  The girls found these and really liked them!  (I liked them for the LITTLE extra storage for their room!  LOL)  We have raised roughly $300 towards them, but are still aways from the purchase price.  God answered 5/19 for us with the finding of beautiful bunkbeds at an auction house!  Brand new, white, and GIRLIE!  We now have a more permanent, long-term sleeping arrangement!

b.)  We have a PRETTY big need right now for a new air conditioning unit and furnace for the house.  The downstairs unit has been out, and IF we can replace it (with the furnace) it would give us an entire bedroom to use to help spread the children out a little bit better. We live in Oklahoma:  home of the 100+ temps.

4.)  Builder with a kind heart to help us figure out a way of affordably expanding our living space  (and funds to do it LOL)

5.)  Vehicle that will hold, safely, all 8 of us.

6.)  Emotional needs of everyone

7.)  All the families that have been involved with these children.  They all share the same mother (that has already lost all rights).  Pray for her heart and that she might come to Christ.  They each have a different dad…only one of them (Baby Boy) we know of.  I pray that IF they desire a relationship with their child, they can be found in time in order to work their plan and have the opportunity to build a life with them.  Also, there are many aunts/uncles/grandparents that have lost these children.  All of the mother’s family declined taking them….and there is a whole host of emotions I’m sure with that.

8.)  In EVERYTHING, we desire God’s will.  In everything.  If they stay here, if they go home, etc.  In everything, we want God’s will.

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