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Heart & Soul

How do you even begin to define this?

How do you describe your Heart & Soul?

For me, they begin and end my day:

usually one that has crawled into the bed halfway through the night and is asleep snuggled up against me….

definitely hogging all my covers and may or may not have wet the bed.

They pad around the house in their footie pajamas

or slide around the floor in their socks.

They sneak into the marshmallows I was trying to hide in the pantry

and listen to their music way to loud.

They run out the door to catch their bus with shouts of “I love you Mom!”

and complain when I forget to buy milk.

They discuss excitedly things they’ve read in their Bibles in their Quiet Times

and they laugh and roll their eyes at all my terrible jokes.

I love them all, each in different, special ways and for different and special reasons.

They are not perfect, but neither am I.

They are my 6 incredibly wonderful, funny, beautiful children.

DSC_4453 web

These are my babies, who are not such babies anymore.

The photo is not worthy of any awards, but I’m proud to display it on my walls in my home…..eyes closed, not looking at the camera, hilarity from a good pantsing.  See the little boys desperately holding onto their “britches”?  There’s a reason for that.

Have fun, and love others.