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Oh glee…..another beginning of the week with the clever, and oh-so-honest NOT ME’s of my week’s past. But rest assured, I did NONE of them!

I most CERTAINLY did NOT cry ONE SINGLE tear when Brooklyn turned 3 on Thursday! NOT ONE! Period!

I did NOT urge my dear, darling husband to drive FASTER because I was anxious to get to Silver Dollar City before dark! Yes, I am WELL aware that he was going the speed limit and that driving faster on all those winding roads through the Ozark Mountains would be potentially dangerous to my entire family!

I did NOT encourage him to drive FASTER so I could get just a FEW photos of the kids in the DAYLIGHT there! I would NEVER endanger the lives of my children just for PICTURES! pshawwww!


I did NOT stay up til 1 in the MORNING the night before our trip to finish the OH-SO-ADORABLE jeans for Brooklyn to wear at Silver Dollar City! And I would NEVER TOTALLY EAT UP the compliments she got while WEARING the jeans!


We did NOT sit through a BORING timeshare schpeel JUST to get to go ON our little weekend getaway to Branson FREE! NO ONE is that desperate to have a little vacation with their family! CERTAINLY not me! Everyone knows we are just DRIPPING with money and can take a vacation anytime we want to!

And I did NOT share in my first blog back that there are people I would actually SPIT on! That is gross and disgusting and TOTALLY unladylike. I am a PERFECT PICTURE of a genteel woman of God! ahem

And lastly, I was NOT totally miffed over not getting any chocolate from the church for helping in nursery like the OTHER people did! I am always 100% into eating ONLY healthy crap food and I do not indulge in such things as CHOCOLATE….WITH NUTS! 😉 All the work I do for the church is TOTALLY in service to the Lord and I do not need a pat on the back or a good job or CHOCOLATE (WITH NUTS) to let me know I’m appreciated. Not ever. So don’t try to do it. Cuz I won’t like it a bit.

Please help me to feel better about MYSELF by reading MckMama’s blog and see that I’m not alone in my insanity. 🙂


Onto an HONEST blog! We have started our 12 days of giving with Heidi…

http://heidisacredandprofane.blogspot.com/ and I’m a little disappointed that I don’t think I’ll be able to do all 12.  I’ve tried, but I’m not sure it’s gonna happen….so I’ll do the best I can and hope the Lord blesses my efforts. 

1.) take goodies into the firestation

2.) take in clothes to the clothes closet.

3.) give money to Jeff for his mission organization. It’s an incredible organization and we are ALL proud of him for what he’s done and has been able to accomplish. (oh and Jeff, you aren’t supposed to know about this because it’s a surprise. SURPRISE! LOL)

4.) give a gift to Austin’s incredibly GROUCHY sweet bus driver who picks on him obsessively takes him to and from school SAFELY. ;)

5.) Adopt a family for Christmas. We can’t say WHO because they read my blog…and that really IS a surprise.   DONE!  Now I need to WRAP and give!

6.) Take goodies into the police station

7.)  Give goodies to our church staff.  I love my church and I’m so thankful for all of them and the sacrifices and work that goes into running a good church. 

8.)   And I’m printing off all the baptism photos I’ve been able to take and giving them all away. 

God has blessed ME, I want to bless others now.  I just HOPE I can do all of them.  I really REALLY hope I can do them all.  I HOPE I haven’t bitten off more than I chew on what little I make….

I encourage everyone to head over to Heidi’s blog and be INSPIRED to look around you to see what YOU can do!

Lord, I ask that You give us ALL a servant’s heart!