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I can never seem to get that dumb button right.  Grrr…

Today’s Thankful Thursday is whatever we choose.  I am thankful for lots of stuff, so here goes….

~I am thankful to have sweet friends that just know the right things to do and say.  They call at the perfect times, they make me laugh when I’ve had a rough day.  And they give me chocolate.  And beautiful blue nightgowns that are so soft and comfortable!

~I am SO thankful school is BACK IN TODAY!  UGH!  Why they were out yesterday is a mystery to me, and I can’t seem to get things done when they are HOME (ie:  wrap Christmas stuff).

~I am thankful that God has provided enough for me to do the 12 days of Giving that I committed to.  My paycheck was $200 SHORT and that puts a damper on Christmas, but I was still able to do the 12 days of Giving. 

~I am thankful that even when I’m grumpy and short-tempered, I am still loved.  I have yet to find my Christmas jolly anywhere this year, and I am a grump and I don’t know why.  Well I do know why….but the Christmas jolly has not come by and bit me yet, so I am still waiting.

I guess those were pretty lame huh?  LOL   Maybe there’s better ones over at Laced with Grace


12 Days of Giving Update

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1.) take goodies into the firestation    HAVE them, just need to GIVE them!

2.) take in clothes to the clothes closet.   HAVE, just need to GIVE them, even found a nice boys winter coat to GIVE too!

3.) give money to Jeff for his mission organization. It’s an incredible organization and we are ALL proud of him for what he’s done and has been able to accomplish. (oh and Jeff, you aren’t supposed to know about this because it’s a surprise. SURPRISE! LOL)

4.) give a gift to Austin’s incredibly GROUCHY sweet bus driver who picks on him obsessively takes him to and from school SAFELY. ;)    HAVE, just need to figure out a way to GIVE to her.  Austin does NOT want to get on his bus and give the gift in front of everyone.  If anyone has any suggestions, I’d LOVE to hear them!  LOL

5.) Adopt a family for Christmas. We can’t say WHO because they read my blog…and that really IS a surprise.   DONE!  Now I need to WRAP and give!

6.) Take goodies into the police station  HAVE, just need to GIVE

7.)  Give goodies to our church staff.  I love my church and I’m so thankful for all of them and the sacrifices and work that goes into running a good church.     DONE!   and GIVEN!  YAY!

8.)   And I’m printing off all the baptism photos I’ve been able to take and giving them all away.   DONE!  and GIVEN!  YAY!!  I even included a couple of extra photos for one of the ladies that I was able to do pictures of, that probably would not have bought them.  So they were given as a gift.  And they are GORGEOUS photos!


I encourage everyone to look around you this Christmas, even though it’s approaching FAST, and see what you can do for someone else around you!   Our salvation is a GIFT and I am forever grateful to be loved so much by Christ!